Are we targets?

Have you noticed that there are more products, consultants, courses, seminars, supplies, gadgets, and services than EVER that are being marketed to you?

Just last week one of us counted 64 emails recommending that we buy stuff ranging in price from $17 to $85,000.  All in the name of making us “more productive” and “more successful.”

And there are webinars, targeted Facebook ads, live streaming videos… there is no end.

If you took everyone’s advice on what they recommend for your success you’d certainly be bankrupt.

Is the reason there is so much stuff being thrown at you because you are an easy target?

Perhaps yes.

OK, so knowing this, what do you do?
First thing is to take a step back and take a deep breath. We have the answer.

Secondly, do not buy anything on impulse. No matter what someone tells you, you do not need that “thing” today. We have found sleeping on important decisions is always a smart move.

Third, decide what you want. What would you like your practice and your life to be like? What are your visions?

A very effective way we have found to figure this all out is through goals.

Yes, goals. They work. We have both been tremendous believers and practitioners of goals for decades!

“Setting goals is the most powerful thing you can do in your life.”
~a very wise person
Docs ask us all the time if we have a goals worksheet that we can share. The answer is yes. Please CLICK HERE to get your copy. Totally free. A gift from us.

Dedicate a small amount of time every day to work on your goals and you will see them becoming reality sooner than you can imagine!

So remember, don’t live your life impulsively. Slow down and plan.

Both of us have always been fans of getting back to basics. We are simple guys. Because simple generally works best. And there are few or no headaches with simple.

The Ultimate Goals Worksheet Is Here!

This is an important one today so thanks for joining us.

By now you probably know that both of us are firm believers in utilizing goals to live a dream life.  We have not only used goals in our own lives – we have been teaching others about their power as well. Now here is the very cool thing – by simply writing your goals down and reading them every single day you can change your life!

We get asked often if we can give more details and perhaps share exactly how we do it. Due to your numerous requests, we have recently designed a goals worksheet that should help you from start to finish! If you follow the instructions and take it seriously, we honestly believe that you will be able to live the life of your dreams. You may get your copy by CLICKING HERE. It’s totally free. We suggest printing it out, working through it, and carrying it with you wherever you go.

You can be sure that this is a life changer. But you must believe and you must follow all of the instructions. We suggest that you try it! Then how about if we get back with you at a later date to see how you are doing? Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Is Your Practice Major League or Minor League?

Is your practice Major League or Minor League?


Have tons of ideas, are excited about all of them and see none to fruition. 


Have tons of ideas, pick a few and do their best to make them happen. 


Are always worried about the practice down the street. 


Embrace their colleagues and network with them. 


Think they know everything. 


Are always learning. 


Are always gathering information but can never get things started. 


Know that sometimes you have to “ready, fire, aim!” 


Are made up of individuals who all scramble for credit. 


Are truly a team. 


Bitch and moan about things they can’t change. 


Accept the everyday headaches, change what they can and aren’t bothered by the rest. 


Blame outside forces when things go wrong. 


Use failure as a learning experience. 


Say “We’ve always done it that way.” 


Say “How can we do this better?” 


Pinch pennies when it comes to team compensation, continuing education and marketing. 


Know where to save money and where to spend it. 


See their work as a way to earn money so they can enjoy the other parts of their lives. 


Have fulfilling lives outside of dentistry, but also enjoy enriching the lives of their patients. 


Believe in instant success. 


Know anything worth accomplishing takes time, and what might look like overnight success is rarely such. 


Have “a crown prep in room three…..”


Are truly interested in their patients and treat them accordingly. 






Demonstrate their bile, they get frustrated or angry and it’s easy to see. 


Are cool, calm and collected.

A True Manic Monday!

It’s M CLUB Manic Monday!

Read on to find out how this will help YOUR bottom line!

Dear Madow Friend,

Welcome to The M CLUB’s very first “Manic Monday!” This is going to be one of the craziest days ever! But one of the best that you have ever experienced for buying dental supplies and saving money!

Why is this “M CLUB Manic Monday?”

Because it’s the day when Henry, Patty and Ben no longer shine! Hey… all of the donuts and bagels in the world ain’t going to give any of them an advantage when it comes down to where you, a hard working dentist should be purchasing your dental supplies.

That’s right… this is the biggest scam and it’s been going on for decades! Your current dental supply rep visits your office, brings your team bagels and donuts, sometimes pretends to be dishing out great “practice management advice,” occasionally tinkers with your equipment to get it working better and then ultimately…

rips the living sh*t out of you
when it comes to selling you your dental supplies!

Why do you think they are smiling every single time they leave your office? Because they are headed to the bank to make a BIG, FAT deposit!

We are changing the way this game is played! On M CLUB Manic Monday, hard working dentists will all band together and not allow this practice to happen any more!

How do we do it? For starters, we all need to go to THE M CLUB Facebook Page and “Like” it! This will immediately link us together with like minded dentists who are sick and tired of getting ripped off on dental supplies. This is where we all meet up, and oh yeah… look out for some great deals as well as cool practice building videos from us (The Madow Brothers)!

By the way… do you have any idea how much you spend on dental supplies every year? Well if you are just “average,” that number is probably about $35,000 – $40,000 a year. And for many of you reading this right now, that number is likely MUCH HIGHER!

So on “Manic M CLUB Monday” we are going to begin by saving you thousands of dollars. This is money that is going to go right into YOUR POCKET!!! Can you say “new car for yourself?” Can you say “vacation with the family?” Can you say “finally pay off all credit cards?”

Listen: We MUST get together and dispell the old myth that the donut toting supply rep is “saving us money!” He or she is NOT!!!

Want absolute proof? Call us at THE M CLUB today (1-855-THE-M-CLUB) and we will be able to prove it! By sending us your last few dental supply invoices, we can show you very quickly how much money you will save simply by being a member of The M CLUB! And in this economy, every penny counts!

M CLUB Manic Monday tip: if you “feel sorry” for your current supply sales rep and are afraid that you will hurt his or her feelings or you REALLY love the bagels and donuts, here is a tip for you. Call The M CLUB and tell us you want to start slow. We can tell you what some special offers are today and you can begin in “stealth mode.” And don’t worry, we will keep it just between us!

M CLUB Manic Monday fact: joining The M CLUB has always been free and always will be free! Not only will you get the most aggressive pricing in dentistry, you will earn “Darby Rewards” for ordering your dental supplies! These could include flat screen TVs, iPads, and the list goes on and on. The M CLUB actually gave away 100 iPads at TBSE to docs that realized that they wanted to be in this great group of forward thinking offices!

Why are dentists all across the country doing the “happy dance” today?

Because it is M CLUB Manic Monday!

We have finally figured out a simple (no-brainer) way to save money! Because “buying dental supplies is serious business!”

OK, so what should you do right now? That’s easy! We ask that you take just two simple steps on M CLUB Manic Monday!

1. Click the “Like” button to take you to The M CLUB Facebook page. Once there, make sure you click “Like” and hang out with us often!

2. Call 1-855-THE-M-CLUB and let us know that you are sick and tired of being ripped off. Feel free to ask for your free analysis to see how much you can save over the course of the year. Remember, it is FREE!!! There is never ANY obligation. We have set this up for YOU! Wouldn’t you like to know?

You are not alone anymore! We want to save dentists hundreds of thousands of dollars TODAY! Join The M CLUB today because it is truly the only way to “shine!”

Are You Part Of The Forty Percent?

Our good friend Fred Joyal, co-founder of 1-800-DENTIST and one of the marketing geniuses behind Patient Activator, recently told us that amazingly forty percent of telephone calls placed to dental practices during normal business hours go unanswered.

Being the skeptics that we are, we immediately got on the phone and started randomly calling practices. Well “Guess” what? He was right!

During normal business hours either no one answered or we got an answering machine. The typical messages?

“If you are hearing this message during normal hours it means that we are busy treating other patients blah, blah, blah…..”

Let’s run that one through the patient translator and see what it says. Okay – here it is:

“Gee, this practice is way too busy to see me; guess I’ll call someone else!”

Here’s another common one:

“We are currently at lunch and will return at 1:30 PM.”

Different message, same patient reaction.

How many times have we heard the old adage that our dental practice is a business? And what business would not have their phones answered during normal business hours, particularly during the lunch hour when working people have time to make personal calls? It just doesn’t make sense.

So whether it means forwarding the office line to a cell phone if everyone vacates the office during lunch, paying someone to “babysit” the office on a day that you are closed, or hiring an extra team member if you seem to constantly be short-handed, do whatever it takes to make sure the phone is answered!

This one tip should increase both your new patients numbers and your production significantly, and will be worth every penny it takes to pay for the extra team coverage times ten! Oh – that is unless whoever is answering the phone is not properly trained in how to do so. But that’s a topic for a different day!

And, since we are on this subject, we need to give you a huge apology. Even though we try extremely hard to practice what we preach, every once in a while we have a slip up at The Madow Brothers office as well – as in yesterday!

Our special pre-announcement of the brand new “Love Dentistry In A Box” caused quite a stir, and there were times during the day when people got busy signals or put on hold for longer than we ever care to do. If you were caught in that situation, you have our sincere apology.

The good news is – the announcement we put up yesterday must have been a good one, because we were seriously slammed all day! The even better news is, if you didn’t get through or maybe even missed the announcement, it’s not too late! Check it out again by clicking here.

Or, if you don’t want to read the very cool announcement and just want to skip right to the information on “Love Dentistry In A Box,” well then just click here!

And then give us a call at 1-888-88-MADOW. We promise to answer the phone right away today and not put you on hold!!

Be One Of The First!

As you know from our seminars, daily e-blasts, webinars, Powerhouse, audio learning programs, and the many other things we do around here……

We LOVE teaching dentists and team members how to succeed beyond their wildest dreams and have fun while doing it!

And since you are on our daily e-mail list, we want to give you first crack at something that can truly change your practice forever!

No one else knows about it yet. As a matter of fact, it is technically in a “pre-release” stage right now. But we want you to get the jump on things – and have the ability to put some incredible practice building ideas in high gear before anyone else gets the chance!

After all, this is the kind of information you may not want your dental “neighbor” down the street to ever see!

Whether you are a doctor looking for a better practice and more income, or a team member who wants to do a better job, enjoy your work more, AND share in the new-found success of the practice, both in the financial rewards and more job satisfaction,  you gotta check this out.

And when you see what it is all about, you will see that we also make a somewhat outrageous guarantee that few people would ever attempt!

What is it? Just click here to find out!!

If you’re still curious but haven’t clicked yet, here are a few hints!

– It comes in a big box
– It gets delivered right to your door
– Here are some of the things contained in this “big box”—–

  • One simple thing to add to every patient exam (it will take 30 seconds or less) that can add more than $100,000 in treatment this year!
  • How to banish no-shows and cancellations once and for all!
  • Five million people per month go to Google when looking for a new dentist. Here’s how to get them to find your practice!
  • How to finally achieve 100% treatment planning success every single time! Imagine what would happen if you could perform all of the treatment your patients need!
  • Ready to grow? Here are ten simple lessons from the world’s greatest marketing company. You can use all of these in your practice for free!
  • Stop “educating” your patients – simply tell them this and they will beg you for treatment!
  • One of the coolest dental products we have ever seen – it will help grow your practice too.
  • Who makes the most money in dentistry (by far!) and why! It’s time to join in.
  • The number one key success factor in operating a profitable dental practice. It’s not what you think!! Don’t ignore this one.
  • Three simple things that can TRIPLE the value of every patient in your practice!
  • What a famous company did to increase their sales by 27% in one year and how you can do the same. It’s simple, costs no money, and anyone can do it!
  • Why a beautiful website may be doing nothing for your practice – and a butt ugly one may be bringing in new patients like crazy!
  • ONE SIMPLE THING that can quadruple the amount of new patients coming into your practice!
  • Actual phone calls made to dental practices – did we call yours?
  • Spend five seconds doing this and watch your no-shows vanish!
  • How to make sure that instead of throwing your business card away a prospective patient will keep it FOREVER!
  •  A treasured secret from a Japanese businessman that your colleagues do not know! It’s a real practice builder!
  • Turn the tables! Here’s a way to get specialists to send patients to YOU! It’s simple and it works!
  • A true “marketing machine” that will get everyone in your community to want to come to your practice. The great thing is – you already own it. Now learn what to do with it!
  • A simple thing to ask every patient in your practice to get them to refer others like crazy!
  • How to successfully present a $20,000 treatment plan in ninety seconds or less EVERY TIME!


  • Why tracking your new patients isn’t good enough. Track this statistic and get ready to see your new patient numbers explode!
  • What the “Four Most Dangerous Words” in dentistry are and how to avoid having them ever said about you!
  • What to do when a patient says “I chipped a tooth” but they really need TONS of treatment! No need to scare them away.
  • Do patients ever call your practice during off hours to cancel their appointment on the answering machine? Here’s how to banish the “Coward Call” forever!
  • Forget the old way of newspapers, Yellow Pages and word of mouth – here’s how to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more to grow your practice more quickly than ever. You can do this even if you are computer illiterate!
  • How to get the best practice building information delivered to you every single day for FREE!
  • The simple five second trick to see of your dental website is any good. Why have a website if it is not bringing you tons of new patients?
  • The number one most crucial thing that potential new patients search for when looking for a new dentist. If you don’t know this, you simply will not be found!
  • Seven “Magic Words” that will increase your practice by ten percent or more! Anyone can do it.
  • The hidden truth about laser dentistry that “they” don’t want you to know!
  • How to easily become the “go-to” dentist in your community!
  • Six amazing ways to “Slice and Dice” your overhead! Why work hard and not keep as much as you deserve?
  • The world’s second largest search engine (behind Google) is begging for dentists! Here’s how to get on there before your competition!
  • Ten “Incredible Practice Builders.” They are all easy, simple, inexpensive, fun, and will grow your practice like CRAZY!
  • High Tech Dentistry – what are the “must-haves” and the “must-nots?!”
  • Something everyone in the practice needs to carry with them at all times. It fits in a pocket or purse and will have new patients knocking at your door!
  • Want to know if your website is working well? Here’s how to get a free “report card” just for you!
  • How to easily lower the lease payments on your building even if your contract is not up!
  • Worried about your reputation? Here’s how to make sure good things are being said about you on the internet!
  • Most dental offices refuse to “open the door” to new patients and don’t even know it. Learn what a clothing store owner taught us so that your new patient door will ALWAYS be open!
  • How to truly “Super-Charge” your perio department. Knowing this can double your hygiene income!
  • Tired of re-makes and long adjustments? Here are simple secrets for getting the best work out of your dental lab!
  • The best, most powerful, practice building email service. Best of all, it’s FREE!


  • The true secrets to giving a painless injection EVERY SINGLE TIME. Talk about a practice builder – wow!!
  • Running late is killing your practice. Here is a simple tip so that you will never run late again!!
  • Something every dental practice has been doing forever that is incredibly counter-productive. (Yes – you too!!) Make this simple change and watch your patients thank you, your team become happier, and your profits rise!
  • What happens when a prospective new patient calls your practice after hours? Do they get an answering machine or service? Here’s an easy way to get them on your appointment book!
  • A simple way to “Mastermind” and share ideas with the best dental practices across the country!
  • How to get “shoppers” and other crazy callers off the phone and into your office!
  • How to claim your place on internet “local business” listings. You need to do this before your competition!
  • Six simple, effective “almost free” ways to get and keep new patients!
  • Why the high-pressure case presentation does not work – and what to do instead.
  • How to make sure your patients can actually afford the treatment they need and NEVER owe you money!
  • Why “pay half at the prep and half at the insert” is a recipe for disaster and what to do instead! Your patients will thank you!
  • Why you should never ask a patient “Would you like to schedule an appointment?” and what to say instead.
  • The proper way to present outside financing. This one “Magic Phrase” can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars into your practice!
  • How to have an “Invisible Sign” that works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to throw new patients right into your chairs!
  • One thing that needs to be in every single patient’s chart. They will love you for this and never leave your practice!
  • How to provide excellent patient care when you are on vacation!
  • The new patient appointment is the number one “no-show.” Here are three things to do so that never happens again!!
  • Put this in your reception area and get your entire community talking about your practice.  This one is totally off-the-wall and it works!
  • A really great way to get your patients fighting over who can refer more people to your practice!

Could This Be Why They Had Their Best January Ever?

We received an email yesterday from Jean Henslee, who is the wife and office administrator of Dr. Robert Henslee. Their practice is in Universal City, TX which is outside of San Antonio. Jean said it is OK to share her email so we would like to do so right here.
Original email from Jean:

Dear Dave and Rich,
Well, things are working!  We had highest ever production for our office in January (almost $160,000) and 56 new patients (highest since march of 2010).  Granted, we raised fees and it was a long work month, but we were up by $45,000 over December production.  YAY!
Just wanted to spread the good news to y’all.  Thanks for your help getting us kick-started!
Jean Henslee

Our response:  Jean – THAT IS FANTASTIC!!! Let’s keep this going! This is REALLY impressive! Would it be ok if we shared your message with others?
Jean’s response: Absolutely!

Then another message came from Jean: By the way, that is the highest ever, EVER, not just the highest January we have ever had J  Very encouraging during the “slow” month of January.
We wanted to share this email exchange for a couple of reasons.

First, we are so excited when our Madow friends have huge success.

Secondly, we wanted to share just one of MANY of the huge coaching successes that we have had. You see, Dr. Henslee already had a very successful practice by anyone’s standards. But they really believed they could do better. So they called us. We came in for a full day and pretty much gave them so many ideas that the VERY NEXT MONTH they had their best year in the history of their practice. And in a “down” economy yet!

We are going to be having a phone call with The Henslees a few weeks from now that no doubt is going to crank them up even a few more notches. Do you think they are loving this success? We think so! Congratulations to The Henslees for having had us in their office and then for following through so well with what we taught them!

We are very busy traveling around the country visiting offices. Quite frankly, we love it when we help with your success. To those of you that have us on your schedule now, like we mentioned when we spoke on the phone, this is going to be the best day you will ever spend in dentistry! Practically guaranteed! We can’t wait to see both you and your team.

So how about you? Are you ready? We would love to come to YOUR practice and get you some great results! Results that you have only dreamed of but never knew exaclty how to achieve.

Call us. We would love to get you on our schedule. Our number is 1-888-88-MADOW.

But please be warned, if you are thinking about inviting us to your office, you must be business savvy enough to realize this is an investment. We don’t take several days out of our schedule to come to spend a FULL day with you, put our blood and sweat into making you more successful for free or for a steal. That just doesn’t work well! Yes, we do charge for this service. And it is a decent amount of money.  But it’s worth MUCH more to you and your practice! So if you simply look at the amount we charge as an expense with no return, then we are most likely not on the same page. Don’t take that the wrong way. There are some so-called coaches that talk a big game, come real cheap and would love to “help” you. And that’s fine with us. We are REALLY busy and we don’t need to beg! But a few helpful words…
you normally get what you pay for!
OK, let’s say this a little differently! This may make more sense. If you are interested in growing your practice and you get to the point where you ask us how much we charge, and when you hear the answer you start stuttering and stammering and gasping and sweating and making up crazy excuses and then you say you’ll have to “think about it,” then you probably should not waste our time or yours.

But for those of you that are still reading this and are curious and willing to make an up front investment to strive for the results The Henslees and so many others are realizing, then we should probably talk.

Just between us, we think the Henslees will double in a few years. We’re going to make that happen! We should say THEY ARE going to make it happen… we’re just going to see them through.

Shall we visit you?  Shall we do it?  Are you and your team ready? Are you brave? Do you want to be doing better than you currently are? If so, call us today. We are here for you.

May We Tease You?

Yesterday we told you about tonight’s call where we will be discussing


Join the call and we will also give you the original DVD with the same title!

Since that was announced we have been flooded with calls from people asking:

“Can you please just tell me some of the 14 ways to make 2012 my best year yet?”

So just for you, here is a “tease” of what some of those ways are!

The number one way to quickly supercharge your practice and have it full of people who want and need your dentistry!
To grow the practice you must expand capacity. Here’s a simple way to do it that will take you just a few minutes!
Something you should be doing for every patient – you’re probably not currently doing this! Why not?? It will grow your practice and your patients will thank you for it!!
There is something right in front of your nose that is worth TONS of practice income! What to know what it is????
2012 is the year of the _______ _______! You better find out what this is if you want to keep up!
Spend one hour doing this right now and it will pay off all year long!
And much more!
So are you ready to make 2012 the BEST year yet in the history of your practice.?

On tonight’s Madow Powerhouse call and we are going to be revealing our new secrets about how to seriously increase your profitability. Ways that will get you and your team will get so fired up that 2012 will eclipse anything you have ever seen or done!

Our Powerhouse Group is made up of forward thinking dentists and team members like you! We all help each other grow like crazy. The calls always fill up. There may be still time to reserve your spot but you gotta ask fast!
There is NOTHING else like this in dentistry.

And guess what? The “rewards” of being on this call have even gotten better! If you call us right now to get on tonight’s call, we have an incredible bonus package we will send you as a “thank you!”

Take a look inside the package we will be sending you:

1. DVD: “How to Never Run Late” by The Madow Brothers – This video answers the age old question “How can we stay on time and not upset our patients ever again?” It’s a fun watch for the entire team. And you will become the office that is always running on time!
2. DVD: “Can We Stop Cancellations and No-Shows?” by The Madow Brothers – Can we stop them? Well, most likely not 100% since we are dealing with human beings. But can we minimize no-shows and cancellations so they no longer affect our bottom line? You bet we can. Just watch this video and you’ll find out how!
3. DVD: “Don’t Just Reduce Your Overhead – Slice it and Dice It!” by The Madow Brothers – We are always so concerned about production and collections but is there another way to increase your profitability? Just take a look at this video and you will find out. We give you so many things to cut down or eliminate that your head will be spinning. And your wallet will be GROWING!!!
4. DVD: “Twenty-Seven Ways to Get More Facebook Likes!” by The Madow Brothers – If you are not on Facebook yet, this video is a fantastic “jump start!” Social media is one of the best communication tools we have ever seen and this will give you great ideas on how to connect with tons of people in your community. Please watch this one with the entire team for great results!
5. “The Best Collection of Letters and Forms to Use in Your Dental Office” by The Madow Brothers – We have personally written some of the best letters that you can use in your practice! You will not find these on your practice management software. No way!
6. A great article (written by The Madow Brothers) that you can modify for your office to send out to your patients via newsletter, email, blog, Facebook, etc. Communicating with your patients regularly is something we want you to pay strict attention to in 2012 and beyond! This will be a great start!

You will receive every single one of the above bonus items totally FREE when you call and get signed up for tonight’s Powerhouse call entitled “14 Ways to Make 2012 Your Best Year EVER!”

How do you do this? It’s simple. Just call toll-free 1-888-88-MADOW. Let us know you want to be on the call. If we still have room, we will give you the instructions!

If our lines are busy, please keep trying. Do this earlier rather than later as we will fill up!

So call right now while this letter is right in front of you! “We can help you!”


Talk to you tonight!

Call us now and we will throw in one more bonus. That’s right you will get the DVD that started this whole thing!!!  – “14 Ways to Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever!” It’s less than an hour long and after listening to this, if you and your team aren’t ready to have your best year yet, then you just didn’t pay attention. That’s right, we feel that once you watch this video you have such an incredible advantage over any office in your area… it will be YOUR OFFICE that everyone is talking about because your team will be so fired up! So get ready for 2012 to be your best year EVER by FAR!!

Do you “Care to Share?”

The great Walt Disney was once quoted as saying “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” A quality dental practice always strives to provide great patient care to their exisiting patient base while also utilizing methods to attract new patients as well. The truth is that a great website, well-maintained social media sites and a coupon in the local paper are only part of the total new patient recruitment picture.
As we travel around the country visiting offices and presenting our “Love Dentistry” seminars, we are always asked to share some creative ways that we feel are important to attracting new patients. Our first response is always that the best marketing for your office comes from the patients that you have already built a relationship with! That’s right – your patients have already built a rapport with you and are always happy to say great things about your office. The problem that we find with many practices is that they don’t ask the most important question of all to those patients…
“The greatest compliment that we can receive from you
is the referral of your family and friends for their dental needs.
Do you know of anyone that would enjoy the same quality of dental care
that we provide to you at every visit?”
More often than not, the answer will be a resounding YES! It is vitally important that you take the initative to help build the relationship at that moment. This is where we feel a professionally crafted “Care to Share” card is the most important piece of the puzzle.

On last week’s webinar, Steve Vargo brought up how a simple “Care to Share” card could change your practice around. We have received so many calls and emails about this that we wanted to give you an update on some important information!

You need to be using a CARE TO SHARE card if you are not doing so as of yet! Warning – there are some boring generic “Care to Share” cards available out there that don’t really work well. For best results, you absolutely need a card that attracts attention! Our “Million Dollar Bills” are the best for this purpose because no one EVER throws them away. And they are great conversation pieces when you show someone that you want to help their smile feel like a million dollars just like yours!

Here is our suggested message on the back of the Million Dollar Bill (you can easily customize yours):

CARE TO SHARE a Million Dollar Smile?
Refer your family and friends and YOU will receive a $25 gift card!
THEY will receive a free initial exam and cleaning!

Dr. Spencer Davis
324 Main Street
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Be sure to have your family and friends mention this “Million Dollar Bill Smile” offer when they call!
Expires ________________

We can do all of the work for you and have your Care to Share cards shipped right to your door!!! We have the Million Dollar Bills ready to go! To see what the front of the Million Dollar Bill looks like, click HERE! We can help you personalize the backs of the bills to reflect your VERY OWN “Care to Share” Million Dollar Bill program. Please give our office a call at 1-888-88-MADOW and help say “thank you” to one of the most important parts of your practice – your patients and their family and friends!

Note: these are brand new, therefore we do not yet have the actual graphic of the “Care to Share” bills on our website. You must call to give us your personalized information and we do the rest! It will only take about a minute or so!

These “Care to Share” cards are going to go REALLY quickly due to the demand and we only have a limited numbers of bills right now. If you are interested in getting your very own personalized Madow “Care to Share” Million Dollar Bills, we urge you to call our office today and get it going. Remember, we are now doing everything possible to help you make 2012 your best year EVER! But YOU need to take action. Call right now! 1-888-88-MADOW.