More Tips to Help With the Success of Your Lab Cases

From the Desk of…
Blind Harry
Lab Technician

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for your positive feedback from last month’s lab tips I shared with you. Due to the overwhelming response, I am in the process of setting up a website and a “help desk” to make sure I can assist you with your lab cases and questions. The website, which will be, should be live soon. So look for it and the “help desk” very soon.

I have seen a lot of your communication about the crowns I have been making for you not fitting so well. I just want to stress that you should not worry too much about the fit of your crowns. Nice fitting margins and perfect occlusion are oftentimes overrated. The most important thing is that you get all of your cases inserted quickly and get on to the next patient. I can help you with this. And don’t worry about shades matching perfectly. I am finding that most patients are not very critical. Do you think they are looking in the mirror at posterior teeth? Come on now. Your patients have busy lives and they want to get in and out of your office. That is my specialty.

I will be back soon with more advice on how to make your cases more successful. In the meantime I must return to the bench and get cranking on some of the cases that have piled up here. Hope yours is one of them. Check soon for my help line and website!

Yours truly,

Blind Harry, CDT

***Note from The Madow Brothers – Yeah, Blind Harry is a really “nice guy,” but it takes more than just a nice guy to deliver the most predictable high quality lab cases that you and your patients can be proud of. There is a very good chance Harry or one of his relatives is working at the lab you are presently using. If so, you should be looking for a lab you can call “home.” We suggest that you call the good folks at Maverick Dental Lab immediately.

Why? Because they are making a fantastic offer to any Madow friend reading this letter. That’s right, Maverick is so confident that you will love their quality and customer service that they are offering Three Free Crowns to you. Please take them up on this offer. It’s good for three non-precious or eMax units. Call Maverick at 1-866-318-6624. Mention Madow! Or click HERE for more info! Why wouldn’t you do this?

If you don’t want to send a case right now, that is fine. But at the very least we suggest you call Maverick at 1-866-318-6624 and ask them for a free starter kit. Maverick has been bringing their brand new starter kits to our live seminars lately and they have been one of the biggest hits of the day. And just so you know, there’s a lot more in this kit than just a lab box and a prescription pad. Some real good stuff for you. You no longer need to attend live to get one of their “now-famous” starter kits!

So call now and get your kit delivered to your door! Or continue using Blind Harry at your own risk! It’s up to you!

Important Office Policy

Very frequently we are asked questions such as:

“The crown came back and it really didn’t fit well. What should I tell the patient?”


“My assistant doesn’t use correct grammar when she speaks with our patients. What should I tell her?”


“The patient’a insurance didn’t pay what we expected….”

or many variations of the same question.

The simple answer is……tell the truth!

Sometimes we may be tempted to tell a little white lie or somehow weasel our way out of a situation. And when it comes to this kind of stuff, we’ve heard it all!

But the simplest, best and easiest to follow policy in every situation is……tell the truth!!

Of course, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Going on a rampage against the lab in an attempt to save face just makes everyone look bad. But saying something like…

“The crown came back from the lab, and we are just not happy with the way it fits. We could spend some time trying to adjust it, but the best result would come from getting you numb again, shaping the tooth a tiny bit more, and doing a new impression. We really apologize for the inconvenience, but in the end this will give you the best and longest lasting result.”

Big difference there, eh?

Or instead of saying “I’m sorry Mrs. Luther – your insurance is just horrible!” (believe it or not, we once heard that during an in-office consult) – try something like…

“The good news is that your insurance will contribute seventy-eight dollars to the fee for this procedure!”

Again – same truth, different message.

So while we are not fans of lots of strict policies, one that can never flex is……
“Tell The Truth!!”

Just make sure that you do it the right way!

A few days ago, we had to tell you the truth – there was a technical error in our online ordering system and some people could not register for TBSE at the special pre-announcement discounted tuition. So….we had to extend it for a very short time! To find out how to get the discount code which will save you tons of money, click here. We hope to see you at TBSE 2012 – The Best Seminar Ever. And that’s the truth!!

Special Guest Message – PLEASE READ

*** Instead of the usual message from Rich and Dave, today we have invited a special guest to give you some very important information. Please read it carefully*** 


My name is Blind Harry. I’ve been in the dental field for over fifty years, and I’ve got something very important to tell you. Please read on, as this will definitely save you time, money, frustration, lower your blood pressure, make you happier, and possibly improve your sex life. (Well, the last one may not be true, but at my age I’ve got to try every chance I get!)

Has this ever happened to you?

You are inserting a crown, bridge, onlay, denture, or whatever – and the darn thing just doesn’t fit. Or maybe it fits but it is just butt ugly. You vow that you are finally going to try a new lab.

So there you are just a few minutes later with a bloody saliva soaked impression in your hand, not sure who to send it to. The mail just came in and right on top is a glossy postcard from some huge lab offering low prices, speedy turnaround, and the best work this side of The Rio Grande. Soon enough the impression is in the box being mailed off to who-knows-where.

A couple weeks later the crown comes back and it is beautiful. Better yet, it fits so nicely you could pretty much fill it with cement and hook-shot in from across the room. It’s laboratory nirvana.

The next few crowns are the same. You are pleased as punch that you have finally found your “go-to” lab.

A few weeks pass, then a month or two. The work you are getting is still pretty good, but not quite like it was when you were the new client. You pay your bills on time and are a good customer. The lab is pretty sure that you will keep sending them your stuff.

Then the next crown comes back. It looks like a Kaiser Roll and the fit is so poor you’re not even sure it’s for the right tooth. Then the next crown comes in, and even though it fits okay, the occlusion is so high you are grinding and grinding until the metal shows right through the occlusal surface.

When your patient asks you what that big ugly black dot is on their brand new crown, you tell them it’s called a “Power Spot.” You’re frustrated as hell and you wonder what the heck happened.

Well, I’ll tell you what the heck happened! That lab you thought was so fantastic was saving their best techs for their new customers – and since you are no longer new, they gave you to me.

That’s right – me. Let me re-introduce myself. I’m Blind Harry – and if you want to waste time and money while frustrating your patients, I’m your man! The worst part is, people like me can be found in labs all over the country. My work is mediocre, skills poor, and I just don’t give a sh*t.

But since I’m near retirement, I wanted to do a favor for my buddies The Madow Brothers. Those guys really care about the dentists and team members they hang out with and wanted to spare them the pain and cost of dealing with me (Blind Harry) and others like me. So what did they do?

They went on a two year mission to find a fantastic lab – one they could recommend to everyone in the dental world. Their goal was to find a lab which does fantastic work, provides great customer service, has really low prices, and really cares about making you happy. And best of all, they do it consistently – day after day, month after month, and year after year.

They wanted to find a lab where the owners were helpful, ethical and honest – guys that you could actually get on the phone if you wanted to.

And most of all they wanted to find a lab who would never hire me – Blind Harry! The sad news for me is that because of my “friends” The Madow Brothers, I may be on the unemployment line soon. But that’s okay. I know that you’ll be glad not to have Blind Harry to kick around anymore.

The lab that they found is Maverick Laboratories in Monroeville, PA. I went there to meet with the owners, Joe Fey and Larry Albensi, with a job application in hand and they told me to get lost. I guess I shouldn’t have brought my seeing-eye-dog to the job interview. But that’s okay. I hung around long enough to hear Larry, Joe and The Madow Brothers cooking up something unbelievable. Here’s what they are going to do.
Give Maverick Lab a try and they will give you your first three crowns

That’s right – no obligation, no strings attached.

They know that once you see how great their work is, you will continue to use Maverick. You’ll save time and money, your patients will be happy, and your blood pressure will go back to normal. Best of all – you will never see me – Blind Harry. And I certainly won’t see you, even if I could.

You would be absolutely crazy not to give this a try. Even if you are happy with your current lab, it’s great to have a reliable backup. And Maverick is better than reliable – they are fantastic!

Don’t wait until you are standing in the treatment room with an impression in your hand, not sure where to send it. Do that and I – Blind Harry – may wind up making that crown for you. Yikes!

So how do you get started? Call my buddies The Madow Brothers at 1-888-88-MADOW. They will contact Maverick for you and make sure that you get a lab box, prescription pads, a really cool free gift, and best of all – your certificate for THREE FREE CROWNS!

No other lab in the country is willing to make that offer – certainly not the one where I work. So call 1-888-88-MADOW right now and tell them you want to get those three free crowns and kiss me goodbye

Get Your Free Twenty Dollar Bill!

“For a limited time, The Madows are giving away FREE twenty dollar bills!”
Why did we put a picture of a $20 bill on the top of this email? First of all, it was to attract your attention! You gotta admit… most people are attracted to money! And secondly, we wanted to share a question we have asked each other for at least the last twenty years!

Here is the question we have been pondering… if we sent an email out to our entire list offering a free $20 bill and all you’d have to do is reply “YES” and you would get one sent to you, how many people would actually take us up on it?  We will probably never know the answer because unfortunately…

we can’t afford to try this!

But how many do you think would do it?  You probably think 99%.   Or maybe 75%.   The lowest some of you may think is perhaps 50%.   Well guess what!!! It would be less than you think. MUCH LESS! And we’re not sure of the reason other than disbelief or laziness.

We are sure that you understand that offering a free $20 bill to you is not in the cards today. We would put our business in jeopardy if you were right about the percentage! But being the Madows, to make up for this we would like to offer two things free that will surely beat a $20 bill any day of the week!

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So to recap… no actual twenty dollar bills today, but we think we did MUCH better! How many of you will click on both of the above or even easier yet, get a team member who is in charge to take care of this? The SMART dentists reading this will do it immediately. The others will just be wondering forever how to get ahold of one of the twenties!

How To Ask For Referrals

After over twenty years of teaching, we have learned quite a bit. And one thing that we have definitely learned is that most people will not take action, even on a good thing.
It’s pretty safe to say that if we wrote:
“Fax us your address and we will send you a crisp new twenty dollar bill” most people would not do it.
The odds get even worse with something like asking a patient to refer someone to your practice. No matter how many courses you take with some great script that is supposed to do the magic, the reality is most patients simply will not refer when asked.
One of the problems is that when it comes time to ask for the referral, the doctor or team member makes it about them and not the patient.
Picture the typical scenario. A patient is happy with the new crowns you just inserted. They are glowing and say:
“Oh Doctor Pickles – I just love my new teeth!”
Boom! You know that’s the best time to ask for a referral. But why doesn’t it work? Because we tend to say something lame like:
“That’s great Lucinda. If you have any friends or family who could benefit from the same type of dentistry, we would be glad to see them here at Pickles Dental Care.”
Okay – Lucinda knows that at this point it’s all about trying to increase your practice.
When asking for a referral – it’s crucial to work with human nature. Make it about the patient. Engage in a little conversation first before jumping on the referral question.

Let’s do an example.
“Oh Doctor Pickles – I just love my new teeth!”
“Lucinda – thanks for saying that. It really made my day! But actually, you made it easy. It’s a pleasure treating you here.”
“Oh – thanks!”
“As you can imagine – in the dental field we hear all kinds of crazy stories, so it’s our goal to make every single patient as comfortable as possible.”
“Yeah – I know what you mean. My Mom went to the dentist and they started drilling before she was even numb!”

“Oh – so sorry to hear that Lucinda. We would be glad to make room for her in our practice and would be sure to treat her extra gently. Debbie will even give you a few of our cards. When she’s ready to come in – just let us know. We’ll look out for her and give her the red carpet treatment.”
See the difference? We engaged Lucinda in a valuable conversation before jumping to the referral issue. It was about her (and subsequently her Mom) – not about the practice.
And most importantly, the conversation was tailored to lead to the referral of a specific person. This is SO much more powerful than asking for a referral of generic “friends and family.”
So yes – asking for referrals can work, especially if you put a little bit of extra oomph into it, make it about the patient not the practice, and try to hone in on a specific referral.
The goal is not always instant gratification, but the fact that when the patient is ready to refer, you are the beneficiary of the action.
Trust us – it works!!
Oh yeah – with that in mind, we would like to ask you to do something right now – and it will be of benefit to YOU!
Just like most people won’t take a free twenty dollar bill, most people won’t take something that is worth much more!!
For several years now we have been recommending (and will continue to recommend) Maverick Dental Lab of Monroeville, PA. We think so highly of them that we want to give you your first three crowns (PFM or eMax) absolutely free.  We promise that you will love the quality, customer service and pricing AND that you will become a satisfied long term client.
Yes – it’s about you, not us!! You can begin a relationship with a fantastic lab AND get three free crowns
But you will never know how satisfied you are unless you try! So give Maverick a call right now at 1-866-318-6624 and just ask for your three free crowns. They’ll send you out a lab kit, prescription pads, a certificate for your three free crowns, and a really cool gift too.
It’s all yours, and all you have to do is ask! Don’t wait – call 1-866-318-6624 right now and claim what should be yours – three beautiful crowns for free!!

To make it even easier, here’s a cool coupon for you!

Dr. Don Roberts Finally Satisfies His Wife!

Dr. Donnie Roberts had a typical successful dental practice. His wife Melissa worked the front desk and did the books. One day after grueling over the bills, Melissa said to her husband,

“Donnie – it seems like you are spending a ton of money on your dental lab!”

Dr. Roberts knew that this was not necessarily a bad thing, and told her, “Melissa – that’s great! A big lab bill means that we are doing lots of crowns and onlays and all kinds of big cases. Look how much the practice has grown!”

“Yeah – I guess that’s true,” Melissa said. “But it seems like I am always appointing people for new impressions and second crown inserts. Plus it seems like you are running behind more than usual because of all of those adjustments you have to do on your crowns.”

“Yeah, you are probably right,” Don replied. “But I have been using Phelge Dental Arts for quite a while and they always treat me so well. I’m just not sure I feel like changing labs. At least I know what I’m getting with them.”

Melissa thought for a second. “Remember that postcard you got from The Madow Brothers about three free crowns? They said that Maverick Lab does beautiful work that just drops right in with very little adjusting and their pricing is great! They also said that they are so confident you will love Maverick Lab they are willing to give you three free crowns just to try them out!”

“Well – I’m still not sure,” said Donnie, always the skeptic.

“Look,” said Melissa. “You loved that Madow Brothers seminar and said that they gave all kinds of good advice. Why wouldn’t you try the three free crowns? You’ve got nothing to lose! Just give it a try and I’ll be satisfied. If you don’t like Maverick, then go back to Phelge Dental Arts. Or use both! Just do me a favor and give them a try.”

So Dr. Donnie Roberts finally gave Maverick a try and satisfied his wife. With the offer of three free crowns, what did he have to lose?

The great news is, with Maverick’s great quality, fantastic pricing and top-notch customer service, he is still a Maverick customer to this day! The crowns are dropping right in, the customer service top notch and the pricing is extremely competitive.

So how about you? Are you ready to end your frustration and try three free crowns from a fantastic lab? If so, please visit right now, or call 1-866-318-6624 to get started. You’ll finally be satisfied too!

There Is No “Control – Z” In Life”

One of the best computer shortcuts is “Control – Z.” Why? Because it automatically erases mistakes.

Didn’t mean to delete that paragraph you just spent one hour refining? Control –Z! Moved those PowerPoint slides to the wrong place and got them out of order? Control – Z! That font looks horrible! Control – Z!

Had one drink too many? Pissed off someone at work? Told your husband your college boyfriend was a better lover? “Yes honey, to be honest with you those pants DO make your butt look big. Huge actually.” Sorry – there is no “control – Z” in real life!

How about in your practice? Surely mistakes will happen – and when they do a sincere apology and maybe even a small token like movie tickets or a mug with flowers can work wonders. But even better yet – perfect your systems so that mistakes rarely happen.

So yes – it is fantastic to apologize to a patient for running late, but it is even better to consistently take them back on time.  And if a patient’s crown doesn’t fit and they need to be rescheduled, it is fantastic to explain to them how high your standards are and that is why you are re-doing the crown – but getting it right the first time is even better. (As a quick aside, if this seems to be happening more than you would like – and even a few times should be more than you would like, be sure to take us up on our offer of three free crowns just for trying Maverick Lab. You’ll be glad you did!)

Maybe worst of all  – if you get a potential new patient on the phone who is “shopping,” asking difficult questions about insurance, etc. and they do not make it into your appointment book, well, there is absolutely no “control-z” for that! That potential new patient is lost and gone forever!

Get it right the first time – that’s the main thing. There is no “control-Z” in life!

By the way – please check out our brand new program  – “Profitable Scheduling.” It will pay for itself so quickly in new patient flow you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting it sooner! And this time there IS a “control-z!” If you aren’t thrilled with the results, we will give you your money back!!


The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday means so many things – sweet potato pie, the chance to say “pass the stuffing” with a straight face, playing football on the lawn like The Kennedys, crashing on the couch in an L-tryptophan haze, being with friends and family – and if you are a dentist, complaining about all of the revenue being lost due to a three day work week.

Well now you can take that well deserved break knowing that even though your production may be down due to the holiday you are also taking steps to lower your overhead immediately AND in the upcoming years as well!!

Two of the biggest overhead items in the dental office are wasted chair time (i.e. spending chair time on non-productive procedures) and lab costs. So what would happen if your crowns popped right in with very few adjustments or remakes necessary AND your lab bill was lowered at the same time? Obviously there would be a big chunk taken out of your overhead. But let’s face it – sometimes we reach a certain comfort level with our lab and are willing to put up with them because it is easier than switching. It takes a lot to get a dentist to switch a lab – maybe getting sent the wrong denture (“Wow – I’ve been adjusting this thing forever and it still isn’t close!”), not getting cases back on time, having little insects included in the lab box, and the like.

Over the last three years we have researched hundreds of labs, interviewed the owners and even performed site visits, all in order to answer the question – “Can you guys recommend a great lab?” And wow did we find a winner! As a matter of fact we were so impressed with Maverick Dental Lab that we actually teamed up with them! Why? Because we wanted to offer a fantastic high quality lab with unmatchable customer service owned by ethical caring people – and give you incredibly low prices!

The fact is, sometimes we tolerate mediocrity in a lab because it is just easier than switching, or maybe we don’t really know where else to go. That’s why we are going to make you an offer that is impossible to refuse! Try Maverick Lab this week and cut your overhead even more by getting THREE FREE CROWNS! This is an unbelievable opportunity to make your practice better and cut your overhead at the same time!

Think about it – how much better would your life be with better fitting crowns AND a lower overhead? Why wait? Check out our offer of three free crowns before you do your next impression! Just click here or call 1-866-318-6624. Now you can enjoy your Thanksgiving more with fewer remakes, lower lab bills, and three free crowns!!

By the way, to lower your overhead even more, be sure to ask Maverick about fantastic prices on top quality burs! Why pay retail if you don’t have to? Call 1-866-318-6624 now!!