A True Manic Monday!

It’s M CLUB Manic Monday!

Read on to find out how this will help YOUR bottom line!

Dear Madow Friend,

Welcome to The M CLUB’s very first “Manic Monday!” This is going to be one of the craziest days ever! But one of the best that you have ever experienced for buying dental supplies and saving money!

Why is this “M CLUB Manic Monday?”

Because it’s the day when Henry, Patty and Ben no longer shine! Hey… all of the donuts and bagels in the world ain’t going to give any of them an advantage when it comes down to where you, a hard working dentist should be purchasing your dental supplies.

That’s right… this is the biggest scam and it’s been going on for decades! Your current dental supply rep visits your office, brings your team bagels and donuts, sometimes pretends to be dishing out great “practice management advice,” occasionally tinkers with your equipment to get it working better and then ultimately…

rips the living sh*t out of you
when it comes to selling you your dental supplies!

Why do you think they are smiling every single time they leave your office? Because they are headed to the bank to make a BIG, FAT deposit!

We are changing the way this game is played! On M CLUB Manic Monday, hard working dentists will all band together and not allow this practice to happen any more!

How do we do it? For starters, we all need to go to THE M CLUB Facebook Page and “Like” it! This will immediately link us together with like minded dentists who are sick and tired of getting ripped off on dental supplies. This is where we all meet up, and oh yeah… look out for some great deals as well as cool practice building videos from us (The Madow Brothers)!

By the way… do you have any idea how much you spend on dental supplies every year? Well if you are just “average,” that number is probably about $35,000 – $40,000 a year. And for many of you reading this right now, that number is likely MUCH HIGHER!

So on “Manic M CLUB Monday” we are going to begin by saving you thousands of dollars. This is money that is going to go right into YOUR POCKET!!! Can you say “new car for yourself?” Can you say “vacation with the family?” Can you say “finally pay off all credit cards?”

Listen: We MUST get together and dispell the old myth that the donut toting supply rep is “saving us money!” He or she is NOT!!!

Want absolute proof? Call us at THE M CLUB today (1-855-THE-M-CLUB) and we will be able to prove it! By sending us your last few dental supply invoices, we can show you very quickly how much money you will save simply by being a member of The M CLUB! And in this economy, every penny counts!

M CLUB Manic Monday tip: if you “feel sorry” for your current supply sales rep and are afraid that you will hurt his or her feelings or you REALLY love the bagels and donuts, here is a tip for you. Call The M CLUB and tell us you want to start slow. We can tell you what some special offers are today and you can begin in “stealth mode.” And don’t worry, we will keep it just between us!

M CLUB Manic Monday fact: joining The M CLUB has always been free and always will be free! Not only will you get the most aggressive pricing in dentistry, you will earn “Darby Rewards” for ordering your dental supplies! These could include flat screen TVs, iPads, and the list goes on and on. The M CLUB actually gave away 100 iPads at TBSE to docs that realized that they wanted to be in this great group of forward thinking offices!

Why are dentists all across the country doing the “happy dance” today?

Because it is M CLUB Manic Monday!

We have finally figured out a simple (no-brainer) way to save money! Because “buying dental supplies is serious business!”

OK, so what should you do right now? That’s easy! We ask that you take just two simple steps on M CLUB Manic Monday!

1. Click the “Like” button to take you to The M CLUB Facebook page. Once there, make sure you click “Like” and hang out with us often!

2. Call 1-855-THE-M-CLUB and let us know that you are sick and tired of being ripped off. Feel free to ask for your free analysis to see how much you can save over the course of the year. Remember, it is FREE!!! There is never ANY obligation. We have set this up for YOU! Wouldn’t you like to know?

You are not alone anymore! We want to save dentists hundreds of thousands of dollars TODAY! Join The M CLUB today because it is truly the only way to “shine!”

Don’t You Love It When…..

Don’t you love it when somebody points to their tooth # 8 and says “Just to let you know – this one’s a crown!”

Meanwhile, the thing looks like a piece of siding from an old barn, misshapen, five shades darker (or lighter) than the rest of their teeth, and protruding by at least five millimeters!

To us it is screaming “This is a horrible crown” – but to the patient they feel the need to warn us lest we can’t pick it up for ourselves.

There is no question about it – to many patients a crown is a crown is a crown. They can’t tell if has poor margins, fits like boots on a rooster, and is the fugliest thing this side of The Mississippi. So in a way, a crown, at least the way the public perceives it, is a commodity.

What is NOT a commodity is the experience a patient receives in your practice.

Was the experience of scheduling their appointment pleasant, or did they feel like a number?

Did you make them rot in the waiting room for twenty minutes?

Was their visit pain-free?

Did they leave the practice feeling like they had just encountered the most amazing and caring team and doctor ever?

Are you staying in touch with them between visits?

These are the kind of things patients judge, evaluate, and talk about.

If you think that the dentist down the street is more successful (even though there is no way they are as clinically gifted as you), they are probably giving their patients a memorable experience.

We all know that a crown is NOT a commodity. But most patients don’t and never will. The good news is, if you do everything else right, the dentistry will no longer be commoditized. (Is that even a word?)

Speaking of commodities, you may feel that your impression material, composites, cotton rolls, gloves, etc. are commodities. And let’s face it – whether you purchase them from Darby, Schein, Patterson, Benco or anyone else, your dental supplies will be pretty similar.

That’s why we created The M Club! There needed to be a way to make it so the dental supply buying experience is NOT a commodity!

We did it by demanding the best dental supply experience possible. This means things like:

The most aggressive pricing
Incredible rewards just for purchasing supplies – things like iPads, luggage, jewelry, electronics, cameras – you name it!
The best customer service with your own personal concierge
Unannounced specials for members only
Up-front seating at Madow events
FREE membership
And more!!
If you haven’t joined yet, now is the time!! Why?

Because for a limited time, we are offering twenty percent off your first order PLUS a free bag of 250 air/water syringe tips! Why wouldn’t you do it NOW??????

The M Club is powered by Darby, so you know that you are getting the best, freshest name brand and generic supplies.

So call 1-855-THE-M-CLUB now, get 20% off your first order and a free bag of air/water syringes!! What the heck are you waiting for?

Dental supplies will no longer be a commodity when you are a member of The M Club!!

This simple gadget will help your practice!

What a great Powerhouse call we had last night! Tons of ideas from offices all across North America were shared on the one hour call.

One idea that we thought was really cool was from Karen McNulty who is the practice manager for Dr. Robert Fields of Van Nuys, California. She attended one of our Love Dentistry seminars a few months ago and realized that her office could do some marketing with “messaging on hold.” She did some research and found a company called “Audio Advantage/Say it on Hold.” She has been really happy with the custom messages they have received, which add an air of professionalism and some really good marketing when a caller is put on hold. It makes so much sense to have a system such as this so a caller put on hold will never think they are “forgotten.”

Karen was nice enough to share the contact information of Audio Advantage with our listeners last night. Their phone number is 1-800-664-6531 and their website is http://www.sayitonhold.com. The coolest news according to Karen is that there is only a one time charge of $129 for these custom recordings. Give them a call to find out more.

Powerhouse is such an awesome group. We will be releasing the audio recording of the entire one hour call later today. If you are not yet a Powerhouse member and would like to hear last night’s call and get in on the action, please call our office at 1-888-88-MADOW today and we can get you hooked up.

What Are You Doing Six Weeks From Now

What are YOU doing in approximately six weeks? How about your team?

We just glanced over at the calendar and realized that in a little less than six weeks, TBSE 2011 will be opening in Vegas. Now, we are not sure what you know or what you don’t know, but TBSE is absolutely 100% The Best Seminar EVER for dentists and team members.

Not only does TBSE have the top world class speakers, it is a dental event unlike any other. It is a rock concert, a party, a vacation, a learning environment, and an opportunity to have fun while making sure your practice is at the top of its game.

On Friday morning November 11, there will be an opening ceremony like you have NEVER experienced at TBSE. That is a guarantee. It is not to be missed. Oh my God, if you and your team just came for the opening and then left, you would be fulfilled. But don’t do that because we have two days filled with fun, learning and surprises at TBSE 2011.

Please go to www.tbse.com for more details. We want to see you there this year along with our two thousand other dentists and team members. You have only six weeks to get it together. Please don’t procrastinate. Because if you do, you will have to explain to your team why you missed TBSE 2011and why you now have to take them to a second rate seminar where no one knows what’s going on.

You have a choice in dental CE with your team. Please make it the right one!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Yes, next in our “The Best Webinar EVER” series is coming up in just two days! Our very own Steve Vargo has been preparing this one for quite some time now and we need to tell you… there is going to be so much new practice building information that you will not know how you got along without this stuff. Be the first to hear how to use some of the latest tech gadgets to practically guarantee that you will be the “go-to” office in your area! That’s right, once you listen to this webinar and put a few of the ideas into action, YOU are going to be the most talked about dentist in your area… HANDS DOWN!!!

Our last webinar was the biggest one we have ever had and totally filled up! Some of you contacted and said you could not get in. We have opened up some new space and this one, due to the subject matter, could even top the last one. So we recommend registering early and logging in early as well (at least 10 minutes early). You are going to be blown away by what Steve is going to be teaching!

Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Time: 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Your cost: FREE

How To Make Technology Work For You

Are you on a first-name basis with the people at Radio Shack? Do you have to have the next high-tech gadget that is on the market? Wouldn’t you like to know a way you could actually use high-tech things to market your practice and increase your income? Well then, you need to be on our next FREE webinar!

The Best Webinar Ever
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 9 PM ET!

Many of you have been asking us how you can actually incorporate tech ideas such as smartphones, QR codes, tablets, texting, mobile technology, etc. into your practices and use these to get more new patients and increase production.

We have the answers and we are going to address each and every one of them during this very special edition of The Best Webinar EVER! Bring all of your questions as well as plenty of paper and two very sharp pencils. You will definitely benefit from this great session!

Our very own Steve Vargo will be hosting and teaching how all of this new technology will ultimately fit into dentistry. This is a not-to-be-missed webinar. Remember – when it comes to technology, being first is best!

Please sign up early to ensure your place. Our last three webinars totally filled up! You get the latest information about Social Media and how it to make it work for your dental practice! You will get awesome information that you can start using right away!

Please go to https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/380075065 to register.

Register today because you don’t want to miss this one!

The Most Common Question We Are Asked!

All summer long we are celebrating the fact that for 22 years we have been helping dentists and team members love dentistry as well as become more successful at it! Sometimes some wise-ass will approach one of us and ask us how many more years until we retire. Our answer is “Neither of us could EVER imagine being retired. Helping dentists and team members is something that we lave and it keeps us young! As a matter of fact, instead of being retired, we like to think that we are…


And by “refired,” we mean always reinventing ourselves so we stay on top and keep you on top as well! So here’s to the next 22 years!

OK, enough about us. Let’s now talk about perhaps the most common question that we have been asked over the last 22 years.

“What can I do to stop cancellations and no-shows in my office?”

Yeah, we’ve heard this a million times and have had many great answers over the years. We just recently did an entire video on this subject with literally TONS of ways to minimize cancellations and no-shows! It was part of our Powerhouse program. Call us at 1-888-88-MADOW and we can certainly tell you how to get a copy of the video!

Have you heard of the latest way we have discovered to minimize cancellations and no-shows? You are going to love this one. It is called “Patient Activator,” and it’s actually a web-based program that does everything for you while you and your team sit back and relax in your easy chairs!

Yeah… the old way of worrying about sending out postcards, calling patients days before to confirm, calling the night before, getting busy signals, answering machines and people answering who have no idea what you’re talking about are gone. In the 22 years that we have been helping dentists and teams, we have seen so much change and the way we now contact our patients is no exception.

In this world of smart phones, iPads, tablets, texting, etc., everyone is online and everyone is connected! Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of technology to cut down on cancellations and no-shows? Enter Patient Activator! It is totally automatic, the setup takes five minutes (or less), and it’s easy to use! Even if you are a bit technically challenged, you can master this quickly.

There are tons of things Patient Activator can do for your productivity and it makes no difference what software you are using now. This does not replace anything! It is an application that runs separately! It is a total no-brainer!

The people at Patient Activator are making it simple for Madow friends to try it for FREE! That’s right, no risk and no setup fee! If you don’t like it, just stop using it and that’s the end. But our bet is that this is something that you will want to use for a long time to come!

There are two ways to learn more:
1. Call 877-906-9913. Ask how you can try out Patient Activator and start cutting down on cancellations and no-shows totally for free!
2. Go to their website by clicking HERE. You can learn more and you can sign up by simply clicking a button. Remember, we said it only takes five minutes!

Hey, since we are dealing with people, it is impossible to completely eliminate cancellations and no-shows. You know that! But can we help minimize them better than ever now? YOU BET!