A great idea from a reader of Coaches Corner

One of our favorite “idea guys” is Dr. Mitchell Josephs of Palm Beach, FL. Here is a great technique he uses in his practice to actually get people excited about showing up for their appointment when lab work is involved. Take it away “Dr. Joe!”

Hey guys! I came up with this idea when I was at the gym. We have been bitch’n that this one machine we like has been broken forever! Finally, my trainer told the owner to at least put a sign on the machine that says: “Parts on order; thank you for your patience!” At least this makes us feel the gym is on top of it and help is on the way.
I always like how Amazon and Ebay send me alerts on the shipping progress of my orders. I get excited when that 1969 Alfa Romeo taillight I ordered has been shipped and was in Arkansas yesterday, and then “out for delivery today.” 
See the email below I now send to every patient awaiting lab work to come in:
Subject: Your Dental Lab Work 
Dear Frank:
You lab work is in progress! (see below)
Thank you for your continued trust in our office. See you on the 15th to deliver your night guard.
Dr. J.
Account Number: 10-45375
Order Received: 3/19/18
Your digital order is in production and will be shipped on 3/24/18
Patient name: Frank Reynolds
It’s amazing – when I send this email patients actually get excited about their lab work and their appointment! I hope your readers enjoy this tip. Dr. Mitchell Josephs
Palm Beach, FL

Thanks Dr. Joe! Keep ’em coming!!


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The Madow Mastermind Experience

Do you mastermind?

We do, and it has seriously changed our lives.

We will explain in a moment. But first, a common question.

Q: What is a mastermind?

A: A mastermind is a group consisting of two or more people who offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support. It is believed that a mastermind is WAY more powerful than the actual sum of the brainpower present.

We have both personally participated in mastermind events over the years. And we can honestly say that we would not be where we are today had we not masterminded with other creative and helpful people. One mastermind in particular changed our lives. Wait until you hear this story (below)!

But first, a few quick reasons why masterminds work incredibly well.

  1. You receive input and feedback from successful people on how to solve some of your most pressing problems. A mastermind forces you to act quickly on things because the participants develop a roadmap for you. Many of them have experienced what you are going through and share their solutions.
  2. You are held accountable. A mastermind group is like your own personal board of advisors. The relationships formed in the mastermind setting often continue way beyond the time the group is together. We are still in touch with many people we have masterminded with over the years. And we continue to help each other.
  3. You are introduced to ideas, tools, strategies, books, apps, concepts, and people that can mean the difference between success and failure. Actually one idea that we learned in a mastermind became the impetus for something we began over twenty years ago. More on this below.
  4. You get the satisfaction of helping others reach their goals as well. Masterminds work two ways. As great as it is to receive help from others, it feels equally as good to help another member reach a goal that they may be struggling with.

Q: So tell us about the mastermind that changed your lives!

A: Sure. It was in Las Vegas many years ago. We were at a really cool marketing conference with about a thousand people in attendance. It was fun and upbeat and everyone was super excited to take ideas back home and put them into action.

The second night of the conference there was an optional session that would allow the attendees to mastermind with some of the actual speakers and experts. We’ll never forget, the cost was $3500 to get in and it was limited to a small number of people. An obscene amount of money but we realized this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

We didn’t have a lot of money back then so we attempted to talk the organizer into letting both of us attend (since we were partners) for the same $3500. At first he was not bending, but eventually we sweet-talked him enough for him to give in and say “sure, just don’t tell anyone else!”

So we did it. We maxed out our business credit card to register, but what the heck. We took the chance. It took place in the back corner of one of the large smoky bars at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. As we were in the “hot seat” (a part of the mastermind where you talk about what you want to achieve and why you are struggling), we told everyone about our little dental newsletter business. We wanted to grow but we were not sure how. One of the participants looked at us and asked if we did seminars or conferences. Our answer was “We have never done one.” He then walked over to both of us, looked us straight in the eye and said in a very authoritative voice,

“Why don’t you do a two day conference just like this one, but make it for dentistry?”

Over the next fifteen minutes we received some incredible ideas from the experts and attendees on how to make our conference totally different than anything else out there. Sometime it just takes looking at things through a different lens to find the solution.

And the rest is history. We created what would ultimately turn out to be one of the most successful privately owned dental conferences ever! TBSE!

All from a mastermind.

Had we not spent that $3500 and hung out in that smoky bar, who knows where we would be now.

We were also part of a dental mastermind that met on a regular basis. It was made clear at these meetings that the attitude was “anything goes” and “what is mentioned here stays here.” And both of us can honestly say that the one thing that catapulted our practices to success was meeting and sharing with like-minded, smart and creative people.

Actually, the concept of the “master mind alliance” is not new. It was introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book from the 1920s, The Law of Success, and expanded upon in his 1930s bestseller, Think And Grow Rich.

Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as:

The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].

Interesting? Yes.

Powerful? Yes.

And if it sounds intriguing, just wait!

For the first time EVER, we have decided to share with our dental community a very intimate (that’s the best kind) mastermind event. Up until now, we have only masterminded with our long term coaching clients. But we are ready to change a few more lives, the same way that our lives were changed in that smoky bar at Bally’s so many years ago – and do it with our dental colleagues.

“The Madow Mastermind Experience” will take place in Baltimore, Maryland on Friday, March 24, 2017. We want this to be intimate and interactive, so we have chosen a venue that will hold just twelve people. If you are struggling with ANYTHING in your practice (or your life!), you should seriously consider making the trip to Baltimore in March. There is no question we are going to change lives!

And it will NOT be in a smoky bar… we promise!

What will a full day of masterminding with The Madow Brothers be worth? Well, inarguably it would be worth at least the $3500 we paid at Bally’s many years ago. And adjusted for inflation, that would be at least double now.

But we have decided to keep the cost low, so we have set it at $497 for the entire day. We still talk about that evening in Vegas and wonder what would have happened had we not taken the chance for that $3500. We are so glad we did it.

You will not find this mastermind on our website. There is no brochure or mailing for it. We are doing it “under the radar.” It’s down and dirty and it will be life changing.

So what do you see yourself doing? What are your hurdles? Your struggles?

Need some help with something? It could be anything at all.

Well now is YOUR chance. Come mastermind with us in Baltimore. It will be intimate. It will be incredible. It could be intense, but in the end, we will be changing lives for sure. Are you in? We hope so.

Signup by clicking HERE!

Or – you can just stay home and keep doing the same old same old. The choice is yours.


Dr. Rich and Dr. Dave

The Madow Brothers

P.S. We cannot reveal this yet, but there will be something very special at the end of The Madow Mastermind Experience that you will absolutely NOT want to miss. So plan to stay into the evening. Details after you register.

P.P.S. This could be your only chance EVER to mastermind directly with The Madows. Twelve will get to do it. Don’t pass it up.

P.P.P.S. CLICK HERE to sign up!


Do You Have ANY of These Thoughts?

If you are constantly thinking, this can be a wonderful thing. But it can be a dangerous thing as well. Do you have ANY of the following thoughts? Because if you do, they could be destroying you as well as your practice. Please be totally honest!
1. I don’t need to learn any new procedures right now, I am doing just fine.
2. I don’t need to put any effort into making my team better.
3. Our communication skills are good enough.
4, The office website seems to be alright. Let’s not update it.
5. There is nothing I can learn from the financial statement my accountant sends to me.
6. There are no good courses out there right now so I’ll sit on the sidelines until something comes along.
7. Just riding my time out until I can retire from this practice.
8. Social Media??? What a waste of time that would be!
9. My lab has been stressing me out but I am sure they’ll get better.
10. I am not making money from some of the insurance plans I participate with but I am afraid to drop them.
11. I wonder why my accounts receivable are so high right now.

WARNING: Doctor, if you have even ONE of these thoughts, it is time for you to sit down and do some type of a re-evaluation. We are here for you 24/7 if you have any questions! www.madow.com

What’s Your Management Style?

You need to MBWA. Make Blueberry Waffles Artistically? Model Bikinis While Answering? Musically Break Wind Anally? While all of those may be fine (or at least the first two) – that’s not what this is all about. Here’s the thing. Most dentists hate managing their practices. So instead of being the true leader, we tend to hide in our private offices between procedures, hoping that everything on the outside is going well. It doesn’t work! That doesn’t mean we should micro-manage every detail; driving our team crazy and hurting productivity. But just about every dentist / manager / leader could stand to know more about what is really going on in their practice.
That’s why you need to MBWA. It’s a phrase used by business management guru and best-selling author Tom Peters, and it means “Managing By Wandering Around.” When you have a free minute, don’t hide in the private office. Go greet a patient in the reception room. Say something like “Hello Janet – great to see you! Dolores will be taking you back in just a minute.” They will love it! Walk around and listen to what your team members are talking about. You can learn a lot, nip some problems in the bud, and even diffuse some difficult situations you didn’t even know existed. Stop hiding in your office. Listen. Observe. Act. Manage By Wandering Around. You’ll be amazed at what you can see, how much you can learn, and most of all, how much your practice will improve.



Ten Things That Are Wrong With Your Office!!

Over the last few years we have visited many practices for full day consults.

We have watched closely as “flies on the wall,” attended and led team meetings, have had intimate (and sometimes emotional) one on one meetings with doctors, spouses and team members, and have even interviewed patients.

We’ve also spoken to thousands of dentists and team members at our one-day “Love Dentistry” and “Boot Camp” seminars.

There is no doubt that every office is different and possesses its own unique blend of strengths and weaknesses.  But there are ten traits that we see in practically every single office we have ever visited! Simply improving some, all or most of these things will improve any practice significantly.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that at least seven or eight of these things, and possibly all of them, are taking place in your very office!!

So without further ado, here are, in no particular order……

Ten Things That Are Wrong With Your Office!!

1. There is a “Million Dollar File Cabinet” of undiagnosed treatment that has not been performed.

2. The “back” and the “front” don’t get along.

3. The perio program is inadequate and not enough soft tissue treatment is being diagnosed and performed.

4. Telephone skills need serious help.

5. Infrequent and disorganized team meetings.

6. Refusal to spot or fire a “bad apple.”

7. Some marketing but no true marketing plan.

8. Inconsistent branding or message.

9. Clinical bottlenecking – not enough quadrant dentistry and too many “watches.”

10. Inadequate fee raises.

So how did you do? Wait a minute – not so fast!! Most offices which we visit have no idea that this stuff is actually taking place until we prove it to them. So take some time, take a good look at this list, and objectively see how you stack up.

As always – we are here to help you!!

How To Tell If Someone Is An A-Hole

We believe that most people (regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, income level, sexual orientation, hair color or any other statistic used to classify us) are good people.

But in every group, there is also a small percentage of total a-holes. So how can we identify them? Is there an accurate litmus test for a-holes?

One of our favorites is to observe how people treat others who are in a position to serve them, such as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant.

Recently we went out to dinner with a dental industry executive who was trying hard to impress us. He was attempting to be funny and a bit brash – the life of the party.

It was an Asian restaurant and our waitress was obviously a new immigrant to the US with fairly poor language skills. Our host asked her to recommend a sake (a delicious Japanese fermented beverage) to go with the sushi. She timidly pointed to one on the menu, saying in broken English “This one is very popular.”

For some reason this set off our host, and he began berating her.

“I don’t care what’s popular! McDonald’s is popular and that is total junk. I don’t want to know what’s popular – I want to know what’s good!!!” His obnoxious tone showed that he wasn’t even joking!

The poor waitress put her tail between her legs and walked away, sending someone else over to the table, and we immediately nixed what may have been a lucrative business arrangement.  Life is just too short to deal with a-holes, and this guy clearly failed the test.

Unfortunately in the practice of dentistry it is our duty to treat just about everyone, a-holes included (as long as they pay!). And that is a good thing. It’s not up to us to judge and classify, just to do our best to make our patients healthy and hopefully happy. And we know that being in the dental office is stressful for many people and we don’t get to see them at their best.

Just remember, the nastiest people often need the most loving. Treat them accordingly and you will be surprised how some people can have a personality transfusion – even those who fail the a-hole test.

Dirty Towels Can Help Your Practice…

Most of us have been in hotel rooms where there is a little card in the bathroom asking us to reuse our dirty towels for “environmental reasons.” 

They go on to inform you of the millions of gallons of water wasted each day on laundry as well as those nasty detergents that are leaching into our oceans. 

And then we reuse the towels, and everyone feels good. 

But let’s face it – do those huge hotels really care about the environment or are they just trying to save money? It really doesn’t matter – in this case everybody wins. 

Recently social psychologists were hired to see if they could word the bathroom card differently to get even more guests to reuse their towels. After all, you can’t have too much of a good thing! 

By using a theory called “Social Proof” the psychologists increased towel reuse by 26 percent – just by adding a single phrase to the placard! 

All they did was inform the hotel guests that the majority of other guests in the hotel recycle their towels. By just adding a few words, they saw huge results!! 

People love Social Proof because it validates their choices. Think about why McDonald’s sign screams “Billions and Billions Served!!” 

So how can we use Social Proof in our practices? There are two simple ways (and probably many more). 

First of all, when presenting elective treatment, such as adult fluoride, make sure you let the patient know that “Most of our adult patients choose to get fluoride and we have seen fantastic results!”  

Boom! Social Proof scores again!!  

Secondly – use testimonials!! Whether they are video, written, quoted in an e-mail, or any way possible – make sure that your patients see how happy others are with their choice of your dental practice. 

And then maybe you can start to recycle the towels in your patient rest room!! 

Social Proof works – so use it!!

We Are Excited!

We have been quiet for a while but you can now stay tuned for a new Madow post every week!

A Quick Collections Tip

So many of you have been expressing your frustrations concerning slow paying patients lately. We have been hearing this a lot; from dentists and team members all across the country. We are not sure what the problem is but perhaps patients are spending way too much on their vacations, leaving very little for their remaining bills.

Here is a little tip that may help some of you. Go through you list of overdue accounts and have your very best administrative team member start calling them. We have found that the phone can be very effective, as long as you can actually get the responsible party to pick up! Once you get them on the phone, very politely remind them of their obligation with you and then say “for your convenience, we can take care of this right now over the phone with a credit card.” Surprisingly a percentage of them will whip out the old credit card and take care of their debt with you!

For the ones that will not come to the phone or refuse the credit card payment, remember… there is always the “Statement of Delinquency Form.” This form has helped dental office collect tens of millions of dollars since it’s inception. And yes, The Madow Brothers personally designed it, so it must be good, right? CLICK HERE to get a supply!