The Dirty Dozen: How To Answer The Most Difficult Questions That Patients Ask!

Difficult questions from patients can drive you nuts! But what’s worse is when you don’t have a really good answer! And here’s the thing. A “good answer” doesn’t just satisfy the patient. It doesn’t just get you out of a ...
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Maximize Reimbursement: How to Navigate the Love/Hate Relationship and Get the Most Out of Dental Insurance!

Our relationship with dental insurance is complicated! Is it a “necessary evil” in the world of dentistry, or something that we’d be better off without? Can we provide excellent treatment and make a good living in an insurance-driven environment, or ...
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Unlock Your Hidden Potential: Ten Secrets To Increase Practice Revenues

https://vimeo.com/813242671Dentists all want to improve their practices in one way or another. That may mean more new patients, or a more cohesive team. Maybe it’s higher treatment plan acceptance, or less stress. Perhaps dropping a PPO or two, or being ...
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How To LOVE Your Dental Practice!

Learn how to love your dental practice by watching this webinar with Richard H. Madow, DDS. This is the webinar that you don't want to miss.
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how to find hire and keep the best dental team

How To Find, Hire, and KEEP the Best Dental Team

One of the biggest issues facing practice owners today is finding top-notch team members. No doubt about it - the great resignation is real! In many areas staff compensation has reached record heights, and dentists are even paying bonuses just ...
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What Every Practice Needs to Know NOW

It's time to grow your practice the right way, reap the rewards now, and sell for maximum profit when the time is right.
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practice run itself

Relax-Let Your Practice Run Itself

Relax – Let Your Practice Run Itself There is no doubt about it – without the proper systems, it’s impossible to have a practice that runs smoothly. And without a smoothly running practice, you are constantly wasting time putting out ...
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webinar - shut the back door

Reactivation: “Shut The Back Door!”

https://vimeo.com/665418672 Some studies have shown that the cost of obtaining a new patient is TWELVE TIMES higher than reactivating ones who have already been into your office. You can spend a ton of money on marketing and hope for the ...
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The Future of Your Practice: How To Sell For Maximum Profit and Minimum Headaches!

If you are a dental practice owner, your goal is to one day sell your practice for a nice profit and either retire or continue to work without all of the headaches of ownership.
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How To Get Tons of Patient Referrals Without Pleading, Begging or Sounding Desperate!

It’s an old adage that referred patients are the best patients. And it’s also true!
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