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Coaches Corner – My Last Dentist Never Told Me That!

By April 2, 2018July 14th, 2020Coaches Corner

Dear Madow Coaches,

Last year I purchased the practice of a retiring dentist, mainly for the “charts.” I have been very pleased with the amount of patients who are coming to see me from this practice.

The problem is, most of them are dental-neglect disasters. It’s bad enough that they never seem to have had a proper examination; “Dr. Jones” never even took x-rays! Then I turn out to be the bad guy for doing a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

When someone says to me “Why didn’t Dr. Jones tell me that?” I am at a loss. I just say to them “Dr. Jones didn’t take x-rays.” Seems like a good explanation, but I’m not sure. What do you suggest?

Flustered in Florida

Dear Flustered in Florida,

We understand that a lot of people are flustered in Florida! But that may be for different reasons….

Okay – here is the number one, most important, cardinal, oriole, blue jay rule. Don’t throw old Dr. Jones under the bus. Remember, no matter how incompetent and vision impaired Dr. Jones may have been, his patients probably loved him! So it’s not cool to insinuate that his diagnostic abilities were less than stellar. 

So just be honest and try something like this:

“Well, I can’t tell you what Dr. Jones saw during your last examination, but I can definitely tell you what we are seeing here today…..” Then go on to explain your thorough exam. Be sure to tell them things like “New research has shown the need for a very comprehensive examination of your gums to check for infection and inflammation…” 

They will get the idea, and you will (somewhat) spare the reputation of their beloved Dr. Jones! 
Coach Rich
Coach Dave


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