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Coaches Corner Mailbag – Our readers write!!

By December 18, 2017July 14th, 2020Coaches Corner
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At “The Corner,” we welcome your questions, and we welcome your opinions too! Today’s column features some interesting reader comments.
Re: What does “CDA” really stand for?
Madow Bros.,

I find myself in a similar situation.
One of my DA ruffles feathers, stirs up the group. The reason I have not fired her is out of fear. Fear because the one thing she is good at is showing up. She will always fill in for someone or do double duty. She is loyal in that way. From time to time she just ruffles my feathers. 
Name and city withheld
Rich and Dave,

“The Gospel According To Michael” states that if you have a gallon of water and you put in one drop of poison then you have a gallon of POISON !  Get rid of her!
Dr. Michael O’Brien
Auburn, AL
My best advice – hire slowly and fire quickly. If every single day you are contemplating whether or not someone belongs in your practice, they probably don’t.
Dr. Darren Ho
The Great North Woods
Re: The Letter
Hey guys-
The best thing I did last year (based on your advice) was to raise my fees significantly. It automatically brought in more money with no extra effort. And guess how many patients complained? ZERO!
Of course it didn’t do anything for the PPO patients, but maybe it will change my profile and I’ll eventually get more. In the meantime (based on your suggestion as well) I am considering contacting Apex to have my PPO fee schedule negotiated. Can’t hurt, right?
Thanks for everything,

Dr. Simon Bernstein

Editor’s note: Visit to learn more about negotiating your PPO fees. They are the best!
About ten years ago I made the mistake of sending out a letter to my patient base informing them of a fee raise. A few people called immediately to schedule treatment before the raise took effect, so I thought it was a good idea.  Then I got some angry calls, and a few patients actually left the practice. One came in to the office, letter in hand, and told my OM that I was a “greedy, rich dentist!” (Oh – if they only knew the truth!!)
I’m doing it again for 2018, but this time no way am I sending a letter!!
Dr. Don Lay
Overland Park, KS
Re: Quickies In The Office?
Madow Brothers,
I see that in this letter “Quickies” meant some quick tips for the office, but my first thought was a different subject. Maybe this is not a term you know, but to me the term “quickie” refers to a sexual liaison. I just would like to advise you that with everything going on in the news these days you need to be careful about the terminology you use or you risk offending someone and possibly incurring legal issues.
Dr. J. Singleton
Hanover, PA
Re: Should we take the team to a strip show?
Great advice guys. We don’t do any out-of-the-office activities unless the entire team is “all in.” This also means staying away from situations where someone may feel uncomfortable but they are afraid to speak up. Inclusiveness is key. If you want a “team” and not a “staff” they need to be treated respectfully.
Dr. V. Estes
Denver, CO

Dear “Coaches”

This is ridiculous. Why would anyone hold an office party at a male strip show? On the other hand, if everyone wants to go, is this really a problem? So many other things to worry about….

Anita Auerhan
Mississauga, Ontario

So there you have it! We welcome YOUR questions and comments too!!

Coach Rich
Coach Dave

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