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A Cool Way to Increase Production and Collections for the Holidays!

By October 5, 2017July 15th, 2020Coaches Corner
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Welcome back to Coaches Corner! We are happy to share our years of experience working with dental offices all across North America.

The holidays are quickly approaching and one of the most common questions we get from our clients is something like “What can I do around the holiday time to increase my production and collections as well as get more people talking about my practice?”

Well that’s great timing! Our lead coach Betty Hayden has an answer that should help you with this! We are giving it to you a couple of months ahead of the holidays so that you will have time to do it right, as opposed to rushing to get it done. Enjoy!

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Increase Production and Collections for the Holidays

Are you offering gift certificates for purchase in your dental office? If not, you should be. Certainly, you’ll have some patients looking for that perfect gift for their family members and friends this holiday season. Save them the awful trip to the mall. Make it easy for them to get their shopping done. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, white smile for the New Year? Maybe even a beautiful, straight smile with Invisalign?

How do you do this? Place nicely framed signs in your reception room and treatment rooms with the suggestion that gift certificates to your office will make a great gift.  Have a tasteful display of a themed (ex: Happy Holidays) gift-wrapped box, or a teeth whitening product box wrapped in a bow… you get the idea.

Inform your patients and potential patients via your office website, social media sites, newsletters, and postcards about this gift idea.

Perhaps, offer special pricing on teeth whitening and/or Invisalign for a limited time as an incentive for your patients and potential patients.

In addition to gift certificates, you might suggest electric toothbrushes as a thoughtful gift. Wrap your electric toothbrush with a bow and gift tag and put it on display.

Additional tip: When these patients call to schedule their appointments to redeem their gift certificates and then come in for their appointments…wow them!  Exceed their expectations and gain loyal patients.

Yours for Greater Success,

Betty Hayden is the lead coach at The Madow Center For Dental Practice Success. She has over 25 years of experience in the dental profession. Her expertise is in effective telephone answering techniques, profitable scheduling, marketing campaigns, communication, social media, new patient acquisition, practice growth, and much more. She is oftentimes appropriately called “The Idea Woman!”

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