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One Huge Mistake Many Dentists Will Make This Morning

There’s a huge mistake that many dentists will make this morning. Are you one of them? Getting to your office just a few minutes before the first patient is scheduled, or at the same time they are scheduled, or, (gasp…) ...
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My Speakers Are So Good They’re Bad….

What is the connection between speakers and personal characteristics of dentists? When we (the Madow brothers) were kids, we used to spend some time hanging out at our cousin Mark’s house. Now Mark was one of those people who when ...
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Dentists Contraditions

This Page Intentionally Left Blank…

Have you ever seen a legal document with a page that says “This page intentionally left blank?” I have and it always cracks me up! Why? Besides being very goofy looking, it is a total contradiction. If the page says “This ...
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dentist indecision

Paralysis by Analysis

Have you ever sold anything on an online auction? I do it quite a bit, as a “hobby” of sorts that I have is buying and selling guitars. Sometimes I’ll purchase a really cool guitar, play it for a few ...
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How To Instantly Drop PPOs

How To Instantly Drop PPOs And Increase Practice Revenue TODAY!

It seems like every email from every dental consultant these days is telling you how horrible PPOs are and how simple it will be to drop them if you just follow their advice. To which I say, “Not so fast, ...
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Do You Know What A “Humblebrag” Is?

Do you know what a “humblebrag” is? Coined by the late comedian Harris Wittels, a “humblebrag” is a specific type of personal brag masked in false humility. “I’m such an idiot – tripping on the steps as I went to ...
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Life hacks

Three (Not So Simple) Life Hacks To Do Now.

Do you read self-help / motivational books? I do. Heck – I even wrote one!  But I do realize that many of you have trouble finding time to do this during your busy day. With that in mind I am going to give ...
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how to talk to patients in a dental office

Talking To Dental Patients: Twenty Things You Should Never Say…

As a dentist and dental coach who has visited hundreds of practices, I’ve heard lots of things said in dental offices by the dentist and team when they were talking to a dental patient; some great, some not so much. ...
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website bio example for dentists

Website Bio for Dental Practices

If you go to just about any dental website (including yours), and click on “About The Doctor,” chances are that the website bio starts like this: “Dr. Smith is a 2002 graduate of The University of Maryland School of Dentistry, ...
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Patient Care In A Dental Office

Patient Care In A Dental Office: A Very Important Dental Practice Lesson…

I actually pay a pretty substantial quarterly fee just for the privilege of being a patient of my internist, or as my mom calls him, my “fancy schmancy doctor.” He is what some may refer to as a “concierge doctor” ...
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Don’t Do THIS During Your Perio Exam!

Dentists should share the process of a periodontal examination with patients.
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Our patients are sooooooo insurance driven.

Patients are not insurance-driven, but many PRACTICES are!
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Four Million Dollar Practice – Four Word Philosophy

The secret to a successful dental practice: "Just say YES!"
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Good Vs. Not So Good

Good practices for dentists to use on their dental practice.
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What’s Good Here? A Huge Lesson For Your Dental Practice…

Dental practices need to transfer enthusiasm to their patients.
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