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December 6, 2019

Why Do Dentists Get The Sunday Night Blues?

A dentist writes in with an interesting issue. Instead of looking forward to going to work, every week a dentist gets the “Sunday Night Blues.”
Madow Blog
December 2, 2019

December Ideas from Coach Betty

December Ideas from Coach Betty   December is the last month of your final quarter for 2019.   Regardless of what December usually looks like for your office, take some time now to plan for how you will get and keep a full and productive schedule all month long without any extra stress. I know…
Madow Blog
December 2, 2019

A Simple and Valuable Thought For A Monday…..

Here's a very simple yet valuable thought for today. When people are stressed, they act differently - and not in a good way. In the dental office we often see people at their worst. So give them a break. Be as kind as you possibly can, and for the real grouches, be even kinder! Also…

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