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Coaches Corner
August 2, 2019

Coaches Corner – Marketing and Management Ideas for a Great August!

Hello Friends, Coach Betty Hayden here! August and September can sometimes be challenging months for growth in a dental practice because of the back-to-school season distractions. Offices often share with me that their schedules tend to fall apart during August and especially September. My recommendation is to plan now for how you can attract more…
Coaches Corner
June 28, 2019

Coaches Corner – July Ideas From Coach Betty

July will kick off your third quarter for the year. Now is your opportunity to really make the rest of this year count. Make it your BEST! Leadership Reminder: It’s easy to recognize mistakes or when things are going wrong but be on the lookout to recognize and acknowledge what is going right. Your employees…
Madow Blog
June 27, 2019

Dentists are at the bottom of this list…

Is there finally a list we are glad to be at the bottom of? How about this one? Ever since the great John Henry, man has been challenging the machine for job superiority and losing. We all know there are millions of positions that have been eliminated due to advances in technology. But how about…

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