Dental Practice Management Coaches

The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success has been helping dental practices achieve success for over 30 years. Each of our class teaches you reliable strategies you can use to accomplish the goals you set for your dental practice. Our coaching sessions train you and your personnel to improve your patients' experience and ensure that they leave your office happy and healthy.

Through our expert coaching and classes, you’ll achieve new heights of professional success and personal satisfaction.  Our dental practice management course can help bring your business to life, by teaching you and your staff how to increase your dental practice’s effeciency and improve your patients’ experience.

What we can help you with:


  • More new patients! More new patients!
  • Reactivating and retaining current patients – let’s “shut the back door!”
  • Developing a true periodontal therapy department – no more prophy palace!
  • Team unity – no more “That’s not my job!”
  • Keeping the schedule full!
  • Doctor and team accountability – let’s get the job done!


  • Setting and reaching production goals!
  • Collecting what you produce!
  • Overhead reduction!
  • Increased treatment plan acceptance!
  • Truly understanding and managing your numbers!
  • More production per patient – new patients are not always the answer!


  • Reducing stress so you can enjoy your practice and your life!
  • Becoming known and respected in your community!
  • Personal finances and debt reduction – other coaches don’t touch this!
  • Making dentistry fun again!
  • Take more time off and more vacation
  • Finally feeling confident and secure!

And much more!

Dental Practice Management Done the Madow Way

  • We treat every practice as the unique entity they are. There are no pre-written modules or classes. We respect that no two practices are alike, and coach them at the right pace and with the proper techniques for their individual advancement.
  • We empower team members to make positive change. Nothing will work if the team doesn’t buy in 100 percent.
  • Our philosophy is to work WITH the practice, not AGAINST it. We emphasize your strengths and gently help you overcome your weaknesses. Coaching is a discovery, not a fight.
  • We create accountability, not fear. Every person involved is taught to be enthusiastically responsible for the growth of the practice.
  • Madow Success Coaching is owned and operated by two real-world dentists who fully understand the struggles that dental practices encounter.

Leaders in Dental Consulting NINE years in a row!


Let's talk success!

If you are serious about earning more money, reducing your stress, uniting your team – and learning how Madow Coaching can help you reach the practice of your dreams and live the life you have always wanted and deserve, our coaches can give you the answer!!