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We have just crafted a new form and it has the potential to bring a lot of money into your office starting today. One of the biggest problems we have is actually collecting money from patients that for some reason or another have a balance that resulted from their insurance company paying much less than anticipated!

We now have a brand new free form available on our website that will hopefully mitigate this problem. It is our Credit Card Authorization Form and it can be found by clicking HERE!

Go ahead – download and modify this form for your own office and then make sure you get all patients to authorize you to keep a credit card on file. Make sure they sign the form and you are good to go. Whenever there is a balance due, all you have to do is bill it to the credit card on file! It’s that easy!

WHAM!!! Your collections just went up!!!

Important: For those difficult to collect overdue accounts, try our Madow #207 collection form. This has been used for over twenty years and has helped dentists collect a total of well over one million dollars!!! Why? Because it works! If you have overdue accounts, order a supply of these forms immediately to have on hand. You will see your office become MUCH more profitable.

One more thought for the day to increase your income! If you have not yet joined THE M CLUB, what are you waiting for? You have vowed to be more profitable this year, right? So why haven’t you taken the step to purchase all of your dental supplies at the best prices? Please click that BIG BLACK BOX at the top of the page or click HERE if you don’t want to scroll back up. Either way, let’s get this done and check it off on your list. By the way, it is TOTALLY FREE to be a member of THE M CLUB! Just do it!

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