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Should I Compensate My Associate for THIS?

By September 6, 2019September 13th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes

How should I compensate my associates? There are many different formulas for associate compensation. Most are based on a percentage of collections. Some are based on a percentage of production. But today’s listener question is about an associate who wanted a little something extra. What do you think it is, and what do you think the answer will be?

Listen up to hear what The Dental Practice Fixers (Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow) have to say about how to compensate your associates.

Then we go to the call of the week – but instead of calling a dental practice, we call a dental lab with a very interesting question. You gotta hear the question and the answer! How do you think YOUR lab would answer this question?? Also, if you have a question that you would like answered on our podcast, please send it in to We will do our best to get yours answered!

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