Why Some Dentists are Now Starting to Tweet Like Birds!

Here is a simple little secret that help will jump-start your office using Dental Social Media Marketing!

As you probably know, Dental Social Media is HOT. Dentists and team members alike are asking us every day for advice on not only why they should  be using it, but how they should be using it, and what should they do first.  When we answer, “Reserve a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account immediately, the next question is often something like “I kind of understand Facebook and YouTube, but what can a dentist do with Twitter?”

Here is how we would answer that question:

As you know, these days people want to be able to learn a lot about a business before they walk in the door. Your dental office is no exception. Web sites give your prospective patients an immediate impression of your practice’s style and substance. But that is only part of the story.

Now, as dental offices are beginning to learn about social media, they are figuring out how they can “tweet” and “friend” their way to more patients and a healthier bottom line.

While the average dental office does not even yet have a Facebook page, some very savvy docs have already taken the plunge and joined the tweeting community. (For the uninitiated, Twitter users post messages on a web account to a personally created network of “followers” in short bursts of 140 characters or less, and those followers can post — or “tweet” — right back.)

Believe it or not, Twitter’s use as a dental marketing tool is actually more obvious than Facebook’s. No matter the content of tweets, they give followers a little reminder that your office exists, making it that much more likely that they’ll pick up the phone and make an appointment.

“It’s BRIGHTEN YOUR SMILE month! $25 OFF any tooth whitening procedure…,” tweeted a dentist just before 2 p.m. last Wednesday. “Saccharine Sodium which is generally used as a sweetening agent in toothpaste is 500 times sweeter than sugar,” was tweeted today by Dr. Mark Kleive in Minneapolis. He now has close to 3500 followers!

Most dentist’s Twitter feeds include some valuable information plus the occasional coupon or special. But it’s important to mostly give information. That’s what gets you your “followers!” And the more followers you have, the more there will be to see it when you DO give yourself a plug! Only about 20% of your tweets should be self -promotional. A dental office that tweets well can establish its own local personality and give patients as well as prospective patients a way to feel personally connected to the doctor and team!

Also earlier today, Dr. Mehryar Ebrahimi of Los Angeles asked his Twitter followers to enter a contest to win a free electric toothbrush. Do you think that stirred up some interest and got him some patients? We bet it did.

And a few days ago, Dr. David Grayson of Parsipanny, NJ invited his followers to join him and his team at his office for their thirtieth anniversary party!

There is a whole new world out there that simply cannot be ignored if you would like your practice to survive and thrive!

How do you as a dentist get started on Twitter? Well, first of all, before you start “tweeting,” you need to have your foundation in place. One very important thing is to make sure you have a great web site where all the basic information (location, hours, appointments, procedures, etc.) is easy to find and attractively laid out.

Then, at the very least, reserve accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for your office. Even if you don’t think you will use these immediately, it is good to reserve your “name,” because it makes sense to use the same name with all of your social media sites. An example would be www.facebook.com/drjones. The same name, www.twitter.com/drjones and www.youtube.com/drjones should be used throughout. And as you can see, once your name is gone (like a web address), you will not be able to get it and may have to settle for one that is not your first choice.

And there is so much more!

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