Could This Be More Important Than Getting New Patients?

Fifty four percent of your patients who leave do so because they feel unappreciated, unimportant, and taken for granted.

We have been telling you for years that it costs less to keep a patient than to gain a new one. What do you think it costs to lose 54% of your patient base? And what can you do about it? This is extremely important for you as a dentist to understand. It is too expensive to lose even one of your patients needlessly.

So what can you do to be sure you keep that 54 percent? It is not difficult! Simply make sure they feel valued. Appreciate them and communicate that appreciation. Don’t assume your patients know that you value them. You have to tell them. Communication is a huge part of patient service. Too often we are so focused on getting new patients that we forget to pay attention to our current ones.

It doesn’t take a lot of work or money to create an environment of appreciation. You don’t have to shower them with gifts. No, that’s not their expectation. Simple things like sending a thank you note will do. Or just make sure that you are communicating with them on a regular basis. Social media has been a tremendous help for many of you to stay in close touch with their patients.

Social media can help you get to know your patients as people. What’s going on in their life? Showing real interest will not only let them know that you care about them but it will also provide you with valuable information that you can use to increase the loyalty factor.

We are not minimizing the importance of getting new patients here. We all know how important new patients are to your practice. But keeping your existing patients happy and loyal is much less expensive and actually easier. Social media sites such as Facebook are free. Your patients are there. Don’t you think you should be?

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