Could This Be Why They Had Their Best January Ever?

We received an email yesterday from Jean Henslee, who is the wife and office administrator of Dr. Robert Henslee. Their practice is in Universal City, TX which is outside of San Antonio. Jean said it is OK to share her email so we would like to do so right here.
Original email from Jean:

Dear Dave and Rich,
Well, things are working!  We had highest ever production for our office in January (almost $160,000) and 56 new patients (highest since march of 2010).  Granted, we raised fees and it was a long work month, but we were up by $45,000 over December production.  YAY!
Just wanted to spread the good news to y’all.  Thanks for your help getting us kick-started!
Jean Henslee

Our response:  Jean – THAT IS FANTASTIC!!! Let’s keep this going! This is REALLY impressive! Would it be ok if we shared your message with others?
Jean’s response: Absolutely!

Then another message came from Jean: By the way, that is the highest ever, EVER, not just the highest January we have ever had J  Very encouraging during the “slow” month of January.
We wanted to share this email exchange for a couple of reasons.

First, we are so excited when our Madow friends have huge success.

Secondly, we wanted to share just one of MANY of the huge coaching successes that we have had. You see, Dr. Henslee already had a very successful practice by anyone’s standards. But they really believed they could do better. So they called us. We came in for a full day and pretty much gave them so many ideas that the VERY NEXT MONTH they had their best year in the history of their practice. And in a “down” economy yet!

We are going to be having a phone call with The Henslees a few weeks from now that no doubt is going to crank them up even a few more notches. Do you think they are loving this success? We think so! Congratulations to The Henslees for having had us in their office and then for following through so well with what we taught them!

We are very busy traveling around the country visiting offices. Quite frankly, we love it when we help with your success. To those of you that have us on your schedule now, like we mentioned when we spoke on the phone, this is going to be the best day you will ever spend in dentistry! Practically guaranteed! We can’t wait to see both you and your team.

So how about you? Are you ready? We would love to come to YOUR practice and get you some great results! Results that you have only dreamed of but never knew exaclty how to achieve.

Call us. We would love to get you on our schedule. Our number is 1-888-88-MADOW.

But please be warned, if you are thinking about inviting us to your office, you must be business savvy enough to realize this is an investment. We don’t take several days out of our schedule to come to spend a FULL day with you, put our blood and sweat into making you more successful for free or for a steal. That just doesn’t work well! Yes, we do charge for this service. And it is a decent amount of money.  But it’s worth MUCH more to you and your practice! So if you simply look at the amount we charge as an expense with no return, then we are most likely not on the same page. Don’t take that the wrong way. There are some so-called coaches that talk a big game, come real cheap and would love to “help” you. And that’s fine with us. We are REALLY busy and we don’t need to beg! But a few helpful words…
you normally get what you pay for!
OK, let’s say this a little differently! This may make more sense. If you are interested in growing your practice and you get to the point where you ask us how much we charge, and when you hear the answer you start stuttering and stammering and gasping and sweating and making up crazy excuses and then you say you’ll have to “think about it,” then you probably should not waste our time or yours.

But for those of you that are still reading this and are curious and willing to make an up front investment to strive for the results The Henslees and so many others are realizing, then we should probably talk.

Just between us, we think the Henslees will double in a few years. We’re going to make that happen! We should say THEY ARE going to make it happen… we’re just going to see them through.

Shall we visit you?  Shall we do it?  Are you and your team ready? Are you brave? Do you want to be doing better than you currently are? If so, call us today. We are here for you.

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