December 2020 Management, Marketing & Leadership Ideas from Coach Betty

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Marketing Ideas from Coach Betty – December 2020

Regardless of what December usually looks like in your office – we can expect December 2020 to look different from years past as we have learned especially this year that things in life can change quickly and often.  Check out these marketing ideas from Coach Better.

Many have become adaptability experts while looking forward to this year coming to an end. However, even with all the uncertainty and need to be adaptable, we can still plan to make the last month of the final quarter for this crazy year a HAPPY one.  We need it!

Here are a few dental leadership, marketing, and management tips and ideas to help you do just that.

Leadership Tips & Ideas 

“Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life. “—Northrup Christiane

December 26th: National Thank-You Note Day 
Let your team know how much you appreciate them by giving each of them a personalized thank you note.  Go beyond just a “thank you” and include something specific about each employee that you appreciate.

Practice Management Tips & Ideas

Incomplete Treatment:
Do you have any patients with incomplete treatment or ones that are due/past due in hygiene with remaining insurance benefits that will expire at the end of this year? Do what you can to help them see the need and value in scheduling an appointment this month. Some offices invite their patients to take advantage of “today only” special offers that they share via their social media sites, emails, and telephone calls.

December is a great time for “Special Offers” on teeth whitening, electric toothbrushes, and Invisalign.

Cosmetic Dentistry Opportunity:
Many of your patients will be attending/participating in end of year parties/events during the month of December. Now is a great time to help them see how they can easily get their smile ready for the camera (even if it is the Zoom camera) with teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatment/procedures.

Marketing Tips & Ideas

December 6 -12: National Handwashing Awareness Week 
Purchase small bottles of hand-sanitizer with your office information on the label.  Give away to your patients during this week or throughout the month.

Community Involvement: Donations
Open your office as a drop-off location for donations of non-perishable food items or winter gear for families/individuals in need. Oftentimes, local print & TV news will pick up these types of stories, especially around the holidays.

Educational Opportunity:
December 12th is National 12-Hour Fresh Breath Day

Create a few short videos for your social media platforms about the possible causes of bad breath as well as some tips and remedies to keep breath smelling fresh.

Social Media Post Ideas to Improve Engagement

  • National Cookie Day – December 4th
  • Toilet Paper Appreciation Day – December 8th
  • Winter Solstice – December 21st
  • National Chocolate Day – December 28th / 29th
  • Bacon Day – December 30th
  • Look On The Bright Side Day – December 31st 

It may be that despite your best efforts the schedule will still fall apart. Don’t stress over it, instead use that available time to do some training, team building, office cleaning/organizing, or to catch your breath and smile.

Feel free to send an email to betty@madow.com and share with me what you have planned for the month of December or what you thought about the ideas that I shared with you today. I love hearing from you!

Wishing you all the happiest & healthiest December!

Yours for Greater Success,

Betty Hayden one of our fabulous coaches at The Madow Center For Dental Practice Success. She has over 25 years of experience in the dental profession. Her expertise is in effective telephone answering techniques, profitable scheduling, marketing campaigns, communication, social media, new patient acquisition, practice growth, and much more. She is called “The Idea Woman” because she grows practices!

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