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Dental labs. You either love them or you hate them. There’s really no in-between, is there? Your relationship with your dental lab is probably one of the most important relationships in your practice. The reason is that the work that your lab sends back to you is a reflection on YOU!!! The days are long gone when you could blame everything on the lab! That simply doesn’t work these days as your patients are becoming more and more informed!

Well, here is the good news: The Madow Group has recently teamed up with Maverick Dental Lab to offer you not only the best quality that you could ever ask for on your lab cases, but the best customer service, as well as 10% off their regular pricing. We took our time and literally searched the country to find the right lab to co-op with. Since we started this relationship with Maverick, the response has been nothing short of spectacular. And we’re about to put our money where our mouths are and PROVE it to you.

Think about what the most important aspects of your dental lab are. Good quality workmanship and materials. Of course that’s important! And Maverick Dental Lab has both of these. When you send your cases to Maverick, there will be one less thing to be stressed out about when you have your patient in for an insert appointment. You will know with a very high level of confidence that the case will not only fit well, but it will look great. Again, it took us years to survey labs from coast to coast, and Maverick was hands down the winner by far!

Excellent customer service. Don’t you hate it when you are treated like a nobody by your dental lab? We sure do! The reason you are treated like this is because you probably are a nobody to them. They just don’t have the time to service you properly so they play the churning game (lose some clients but hopefully gain a few as well).

When you deal with Maverick, you are not a number. As a matter of fact, you deal with the owners directly! That’s right…Joe Fey and Larry Albensi (two of the nicest guys around) will get to know you personally because..

they actually care!!!

You can feel free to call them any time you need to discuss anything! You will never be alone in the lab world again!

Full service. Once you find a good lab, you want to stick with them for all of your needs. Nothing is more disappointing than a lab that only does one or two things well, forcing you to spread your other services among different labs. Well rest assured that Maverick is a total full service lab that you can feel confident sending all of your cases to, no matter what they are.

Pricing. Well, here is where the rubber meets the road. Because you can now get both of the above qualities in your lab as well as get instant overhead reduction the absolute bottom line pricing on top of that. Sounds like a win to me; don’t you agree? Well, as soon as you send a case to Maverick Dental Lab, you will be privy to our very special 10% off the bottom- line pricing! That’s right…every time you send a case to Maverick, take 10% off of their fee schedule.  That’s right, my friend, that money goes right into your pocket. In your dental practice, decrease your expenses by just 1% and that could be $10,000 in your pocket. The more, the better!

Here is the great news: sending a case to Maverick Dental Lab is so simple and absolutely no risk to you. We feel so confident about this that we are actually going to pay for your first three units. That’s right – the first three units that you send to Maverick are on us, so try us out risk-free. If we were not confident that Maverick was the best lab around, do you think we could do this?

To summarize:
Price of your first crown – $0
Price of your second crown – $0
Price of your third crown – $0

See, you are on your way to decreasing your variable costs!!! To get started with your first three cases, simply call our totally dedicated toll-free number at 1-866-318-6624. We will get you set up and you’ll be ready to go. Then you decide.

Call 1-866-318-6624 and ask for Joe or Larry. They are the owners. They’ll come to the phone for you. Can you say that about your present lab? Oh, and by the way, tell them that you are a friend of The Madow Group! They will REALLY take good care of you!

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