Dental Pet Peeve

Dental Pet Peeve

(It really irks me when I see this……)


I’m not a big “pet peeve” guy, but this really irks me. It seems like every single day, some dental consultant (who is not a dentist, as most of them are not) says something like…..

“They didn’t teach you THIS in dental school”

… as they proceed to practically call you an idiot because you are frustrated with the business side of your practice.

Well how the hell does that person know what they did and didn’t teach in dental school? I don’t remember seeing them sweating it out in anatomy lab, or struggling with a patient in clinic. And it’s irrelevant anyway. There’s a ton of stuff they didn’t teach us in dental school; no need to be condescending about it.

Besides, why does that person (oh ye great consultant) think THEY have all the answers? Not only did they not go to dental school (where apprently they didn’t teach us jacksh*t), they have never owned a dental practice, or led a team of dental staff, or had to look a patient in the eye and give them news they don’t want to hear.

They have never gone into panic mode when a hygienist quits, or had to prep the distal of tooth #2. I could go on and on and on here – but let’s just say this.

The next time a non-dentist tries to tell you they have all the answers because “They didn’t teach you that in dental school” – I think you know what to tell them!

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