There is no question that if you want to grow your practice into the future, placing implants is the way to go.

So maybe you’ve taken the courses and you’ve purchased the goods – now how about getting tons of new implant patients into your practice?

The good news is – there is a simple way to do it. But be warned – we are not talking about a handful of patients who could possibly need an implant or two.

We are talking about LOTS of new patients who KNOW they need implants and are ready to call YOUR practice to make an appointment!!

How many patients? As they say, “numbers don’t lie!”

A practice we are working with in Minneapolis, MN has obtained 179 implant leads in less than two months!

A practice in the toughest market in the country (NY / NJ) has been averaging 20 implant patient leads per week!

And how about this? There is a practice in a small Massachusetts town that has received….

462 implant patient leads in their first two and a half months!!

Here’s the story. Our friend Dr. Craig had a nice practice in Long Island (also a super-competitive market) but wanted to do more implants. Just like you, he had taken the courses, purchased the equipment, and was not happy with the number of implant patients he was seeing.

After a lot of trial and error, he started working with someone named Stefan. (Stefan would blush to hear this, but he is a marketing genius!) Together they crafted a way to use local media that had Dr. Craig’s phone ringing off the hook with new patients – and every single one of them wanted dental implants!!

Recently they approached us and asked if we could partner with them to share this incredible method with dental practices all over North America.

But just like you, we were still a little skeptical. After all, it sounded too good to be true. How could anything possibly work so well? Would it work in big cities and small towns? And would it work so well that we could guarantee it??

So we started with just a few practices. And you already know how that is working out! 179 leads in Minneapolis. 20 per week in Northern New Jersey.

And 462 leads in a small Massachusetts town in a little over two months!

We are incredibly impressed with this marketing method and with Dr. Craig and Stefan! And now we want to share it with you.

If you are currently placing implants in your practice, now is the time to grow!!

Want to talk to us about it? First, let’s go over some frequently asked questions.

Q: How does this whole thing work? What’s the secret?

A: We utilize a series of strategically placed, perfectly executed radio ads that target people who know they need dental implants. The ad will bring them to a website where they will identify you as the implant practice in your area. From there they contact you directly – no third party or phone centers are involved.

Q: Radio? Does anyone listen to the radio anymore?

A: No question about it – radio is not what it used to be. But that’s to your HUGE advantage! For a small amount of money compared to other media you can attract the demographic most likely to need and want implants!

Q: What’s the hook? Why do they call after hearing the ad?

A: The hook is the one thing that appeals to just about everyone out there – price! We suggest that you offer a significant discount for the implant, crown and abutment fee. Trust us – this works!

Q: What happens if they look at the website but don’t call my office?

A: As soon as someone clicks, they receive a welcome email from your practice. Then, a series of informative e-letters with a gentle “push” is sent to them on a regular basis. Also, you will instantaneously receive the contact info of everyone who clicked. So even if they don’t call right away you will have all of the data for a follow-up campaign! It’s amazing how many people come in a few months after hearing the ad.

Q: But I don’t want to sacrifice my profits. Why should I discount?

A: Look at the numbers of new patients from above, and then remember this. The large majority of these patients require more than one implant. Many of them need three, four, or more. Plus, a high percentage need treatment other than implants, which you can bill at your regular fee. But it is the discounted fee that gets them in the door. Simply put – it works!

Q: Are the numbers you showed realistic, or are those just extreme examples?

A: Those numbers are real and typical! Of course we can’t promise the same results for you. But we can absolutely guarantee that you will get 40-50 new patient leads per month and we would fully expect you to get more.

Here’s an exercise. Google the phrase “Dental Marketing.” Now call every single one of those fine companies and ask if they guarantee that their programs will bring in a specific amount of new patient leads. Will even one of them say “yes?” No way!!

Q: Okay – bottom-line me. How much does this cost?

A: We knew you were thinking that! It’s certainly not cheap. Chances are, this program will be more expensive than any marketing you have ever undertaken. But we have NEVER, and we mean NEVER, seen any results like this before!

Depending on the area, things start at around $10,000 per month. For some it can be a bit more. That’s “all in” pricing – you won’t be nickeled and dimed for recording the ads, purchasing the radio time, the hours of research to selectively choose the right station, and all of that other stuff. Plus, we’ve got something that no one else has – Stefan, the absolute best dental radio-marketing guy in the world!

As a radio consultant, he could charge that much just for a day of his time. But with our implant marketing program you get it all (including us – The Madow Brothers!) for an all-inclusive fee.

The beauty is, soon after writing the first check your program will be put into place – we fully expect your return on investment to be positive very quickly! You will LOVE writing the second one!

Q: What will I do with all of those implant patients?

A: Are you ready to find out? Give us a call! You can have a brief conversation with us (Rich or Dave) to see if this is right for you. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have!

So – is this the year you will grow your practice like crazy? Is it time to be doing more of the number one procedure in dentistry – dental implants?

Then please call our office at
and ask to speak with Cassandra. She can set up a phone call with us, and you will be on your way to more implant patients than you could ever believe!

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Your only question after that will be – what do I do with all of these patients begging me for implants??? NEXT!!!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Madow Brothers