The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast

Dr. David Madow and Dr. Richard Madow use their more than 30 years of experience to help doctors and team members build their practice.

Dr. David Madow & Dr. Richard Madow

The Dental Practice Fixers

For thirty years Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow have been helping dentists reach levels of success they never before imagined. Through their inspirational speaking, dental practice management coaching, new patient programs, and much more, The Madow Brothers are known as Key Opinion Leaders in the profession. As founders of TBSE (The Best Seminar Ever), one of the most popular dental conferences in history, The Madows are no strangers to motivating docs and team members to great success and happiness. Their dental podcast, "The Dental Practice Fixers," is turning out to be dentistry's most exciting and informative practice building show. Thanks for being here!


lose new patients?Dental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
September 25, 2020

The Easiest Way To Lose New Patients!

The Easiest Way To Lose New Patients! Have you ever wondered the easiest way to lose new patients? On this week’s edition of The Dental Practice Fixers podcast we make three Secret Shopper Calls and…
Dental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
September 18, 2020

What Do You Mean I Can’t Do That?

What Do You Mean I Can’t Do That? What if you were so restricted that you couldn’t tell patients your practice was “state of the art,” or what courses you have taken, or even that…
first impressionDental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
September 4, 2020

A Different Kind Of First Impression!

A Different Kind of First Impression! We all know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. But when is that first impression actually made? In many cases, it is with…
most dentists have neverDental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
August 28, 2020

Something Most Dentists Have NEVER Done!

Something Most Dentists Have NEVER Done! There is something that most dentists have NEVER done - but if they would, they could learn a ton about their dental practice! This week’s special guest will shed…
Is it safe to go to the dentistDental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
August 21, 2020

WHO Says It’s Not Safe To Go To The Dentist?

WHO Says It’s Not Safe To Go To The Dentist? The World Health Organization is telling people NOT to go to the dentist! What’s up with that? This week the Dental Practice Fixers discuss this…
your practiceDental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
August 14, 2020

A Senior Moment in Your Practice!

A Senior Moment in Your Practice! Seniors can be the most amazing and gratifying patients in your practice, and they can also be the biggest nightmares. On this week’s podcast we answer a great listener…
You Hit The NerveDental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
August 7, 2020

You Hit The Nerve!!!

You Hit The Nerve!!! It’s a tough situation – you insert a crown or do a restoration, and then a few months down the road the patient needs endo. So what can make matters worse?…
just fill itDental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
July 31, 2020

Can’t You Just Fill It?

Can't You Just Fill It? One of the most difficult situations we face is when a patient says “My old dentist never told me that!” or “Can’t you just fill it? My old dentist always…
Dental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
July 24, 2020

Do You Take My Lousy Insurance?

Do You Take My Lousy Insurance? One of the most difficult questions we get is “Do you take my dental insurance?” from a patient who has a plan we are not in network with. In…
you're a new patientDental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
July 17, 2020

Oh Shoot – You’re A New Patient?

Oh Shoot - You're A New Patient? In this episode of "Oh Shoot - You're a New Patient," featuring special guest co-host Betty Hayden, The Dental Practice Fixers make three “Secret Shopper” calls with what…
gaggersDental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
July 11, 2020

Risque Social Media and Gaggers!

Risque Social Media and Gaggers! In this episode, featuring special guest co-host Dr. Mitchell Josephs, The Dental Practice Fixers tackle a difficult question - “Is it okay for team members to post R-rated things on…
closer to homeDental Practice FixersPodcast Episodes
July 3, 2020

Closer To Home!

Closer to Home! In this episode, The Dental Practice Fixers make three secret shopper calls with the same premise - “My dentist is close to my workplace, but because I’ve been working from home, I…

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