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For thirty years, Dr. Richard Madow has been helping dentists reach levels of success they never before imagined. Through his inspirational dental conference speaking, dental practice management coaching, new patient programs, and much more, Dr. Richard Madow is known as a Key Opinion Leader in the profession. As a founder of TBSE (The Best Seminar Ever), one of the most popular dental conferences in history, Dr. Madow is no stranger to motivating docs and team members to great success and happiness. His podcast for dental practice management, “The Madow Dental Podcast,” is turning out to be dentistry’s most exciting and informative practice building show. Thanks for being here dental professionals!


Would you like to have a simple system so that when someone calls to cancel at the last minute that spot can easily be filled 90% of the time? You will after hearing this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists. 

Then we do three mystery shopper calls, and one of the offices actually does something right! Listen in to see what. 

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After you listening to this podcast, hopefully you will realize that you can improve your dental practice by making small changes. But where do you start? Get the help you need by scheduling a chat with me.

      –  There is no issue that I haven’t heard or probably even experienced myself!
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Increase Your Cash Flow NOW – Ten Ways for 2023

Dentists: Are you ready to improve your cash flow and decrease your overhead in 2023?On today’s episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists, we’ll reveal ten things you can do right now to get 2023 off to a great start

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Two Questions To Ask EVERY Patient!

What are two questions you should ask every patient during the initial exam that will totally WOW them? On today’s dental podcast for dentists, Dr. Richard Madow reveals that, along with a simple trick you …

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Why Patients Love To Be Led!

Want your patients to accept more treatment, get adult fluoride, and all that other good stuff? In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists, Dr. Richard Madow shares how an experience at …

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Don’t Be The Best Practice….Be The Only!

Why be the best practice at what you do when you can be the only practice who does what you do?! It’s much easier than it sounds, and on this edition of The Dental Practice …

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Five Reasons Patients Don’t Get Scaling and Root Planing

Do you have a supercharged perio therapy department, or a glorified “cleaning lady” doing bloody prophys? If you’re like most dental practices, unfortunately it’s the latter. On this week’s podcast we give five reasons why, and …

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Something Most Dentists Do Wrong Every Day….and How To Fix It!

There is something that most dentists do every single day that causes chaos, confusion, and makes the practice not nearly as productive as it should be. But fear not – in today’s episode of The …

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The Choco-Taco and Influencing Your Patients!

What do the Choco Taco and getting your patients to refer and schedule their treatment have to do with one another? Lots! In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists, we …

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Do You Have This Affliction Most Dentists Do.

There is something that afflicts most dentists, and it can cause severe problems in their practices and lives. It’s called “Paralysis By Analysis,” and we give some symptoms and solutions on this episode of The Dental …

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How To Drop PPOs in Three Easy Steps!

Every dental consultant these days seems to be teaching how to drop PPOs. But my advice is “not so fast, cowboy (or cowgirl!).” In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists, you’ll find out why. Then …

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