Dental Practice Tips from The Beatles

Dental Practice Tips from The Beatles (1)

Dental Practice Tips from The Beatles

It’s always great to learn from other success stories. Whether it’s the guy who owns a pizza shop near your office (someone I actually got a lot of good tips from), or the greatest band in history, there are always meaningful lessons to be learned.

Since so many people seem to be enjoying the new (and totally amazing) “Get Back” movie on Disney+, let’s learn some dental practice lessons from the greatest band of all time……ladies and gentlemen……THE BEATLES!

Dental Practice Tips from The Beatles

1. Put your ego aside for the good of the patients and the practice

John Lennon was the undisputed leader of a Liverpool band called “The Quarrymen” when he met this “kid” named Paul McCartney. After seeing how talented Paul was, Lennon knew that if he invited him into the band he would be sharing the spotlight. But he put his ego aside and in an instant formed the greatest songwriting team in the history of popular music. How different would the world of music be today if John had let his ego get in the way?

There is No Room for Ego
In dentistry, there is no room for ego. Whether it’s referring to a specialist or admitting that you need help with something, we always need to do what is best for the patient.
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2. Borrow ideas, and borrow from the best!

The Beatles were huge fans of Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Smokey Robinson, etc… and readily admitted that their early compositions were heavily “borrowed” from the works of these greats.

Borrow Ideas From the Best

So when you want to grow your dental practice, learn from the greats! Read and listen to non-dental business stuff. Take the highest quality dental courses you can, both clinical and management. And try everything!

3.  Make tough decisions when it comes to your team.

Once they received their recording contract, John and Paul had to make the extremely difficult decision to fire their friend, drummer Pete Best and offer the spot to Ringo Starr, the best drummer in Liverpool. It was very hurtful to Pete, but without Ringo Starr, The Beatles surely would not have had that incredible Beatle sound and image. To be the best band in the world, everyone needs to be at the toppermost level.

Make Tough Decisions When it Comes to Your Team

If someone on your team is not performing at peak level despite giving them every chance and effort to improve, it may be time to “Pete Best” them.

4. Don’t keep doing the same thing. Evolve!

The Beatles could have made “A Hard Day’s Night” many times over in their sleep! But instead they grew and took chances, and came out with landmark albums such as Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles (AKA “The White Album”), and Abbey Road.


If you are doing the same thing year after year at your dental practice and expecting different results – well, that just doesn’t work. New systems, protocols and strategies are all part of a successful, growing, and happy practice.

5. “Dance with who brung ya!”

Towards the end of the Beatle era they decided to “diversify” and opened up Apple Corps, a clothing boutique, record label, and more. It was a total business and financial disaster, and distracted the group from their core business of making great music. It also caused such stress that many feel it contributed to the downfall of the group.

Dance With Who Brung Ya
So many dentists look in the wrong place for the cure to their practice woes. Whether it’s investing in their nephew’s brew pub, opening a “satellite office,” learning some esoteric procedures that no one needs, or selling multi-level crap from their office, the results are usually disastrous. There are exceptions, but most successful dentists do the highly profitable procedures that people really need (endo/core/crown, implants and implant restorations, perio therapy, etc..) and do it from one location.
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6. Work with professionals to guide your career.

As talented as they were, The Beatles were a gruffy group of lads with no business sense at all, playing five sets a night for a pittance when they were “discovered” by their manager Brian Epstein. Epstein polished them up and was a huge factor in creating their path to stardom. And while they probably would have advanced past The Cavern Club in Liverpool, it’s hard to believe The Beatles would have been not just the greatest, but the biggest band in the world without his guidance.

Work With Professionals

Okay, you knew where this was going. You may be an extremely talented dentist and a super-good person, but if your practice isn’t where you want it to be, it’s time to get some professional help! Your path to a great 2022 can start right now! If you are a practice owner, let’s do a complimentary phone chat or Zoom. We can talk about anything – and I’ll give you some real take-home “Monday morning” advice to make your practice better. And if it looks like The Madow Center would be a good fit to be your own Brian Epstein, I’ll let you know about that too!! It’s simple to schedule, and I’ve left lots of open time on my calendar for you. 

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