Dentistry, Football, Etc…

Dentistry, Football, Etc....

Dentistry, Football, Etc…

A great dental practice (and life) lesson was shown on December 19th to fans of The Baltimore Ravens. (Yes – I’m a lifelong Baltimorean, or “Balti-Moron” as we sometimes call ourselves.)

The Ravens, playing without our star quarterback Lamar Jackson, somehow managed a huge comeback after being down 14 points to the visiting (and favored) Green Bay Packers. With a minute or so to go we scored a somewhat miraculous touchdown to (seemingly) tie the game and force overtime. Our kicker, Justin Tucker, is truly considered the “GOAT” – so the chip shot point-after-touchdown for the tie was pretty much a lock.

But instead, Coach John Harbaugh decided to put The Ravens in a do-or-die situation and go for the two-point conversion. Make it for the win, miss it and The Ravens head to the locker room with a loss. It was a miss and a loss.

Now you might admire Coach Harbaugh for his guts. And after all, the injury-depleted Ravens didn’t want to face Aaron Rodgers in overtime. But…but….but…

This was the third game in a row The Ravens lost because our coach decided to go for the two-point conversion win instead of the sure thing tie. THIRD IN A ROW!

A few weeks ago The Ravens were pretty much assured not just a slot in the playoffs but a possible top spot. Now it’s questionable if we’ll get there at all. The lesson here is an old saying:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

And boy do we see that in dentistry! You may want to have a better practice, a higher income, a more motivated staff, etc.,. But what the heck are you doing about it? If you are truly ready for a change, let’s chat!

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