Dentists: We Drive Ourselves Crazy!

drive ourselves crazy

Sometimes dentists and team members let the little things drive ourselves crazy! On this episode of The Madow Dental Podcast we respond to a listener who is doing just that. It will help you deal with the day-to-day dental practice frustrations. Then on our mystery shopper calls Dr. Rich poses as a patient who wants $6000 worth of treatment but just has one simple question. Can anyone handle it correctly? You need to listen!

Highlights from “Dentists: We Drive Ourselves Crazy!”

0:10 – Dr. Rich introduces himself as co-founder of the Madow Center and welcomes all to the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast as host.  He shares what to look forward on today’s podcast and why as dentists we drive ourselves crazy.  Also a crazy secret shopper caller is part of today’s dental podcast.

1:14 – Rich shares the incredible sponsor STAX by Fatt Merchant is the way to go for all your dental credit card processing fees.  It is a low flat monthly rate that is a no-brainer for any dental practice office looking to save money.  Check it out at madow.com/save

2:30 – Are you on our E-newsletter?  Get dental practice building emails, it’s free to join! Email us at info@madow.com

3:20 – Check out one of our recent questions from our listeners.  A credit card transaction was cancelled due to the high price.  Do you have the right to charge the fees of handling the credit card fees of over $80 to the patient?  Check out Dr. Madow has to say about this and what is the right thing to do in this situation.

7:25 – One suggestions is to purchase some “Statement of Delinquency Collection Forms” – The Madow Brothers developed these as the most effective patient collection form in history.  Keep your business on the right track.

9:17 – Rich shares the mystery shoppers calls and today it is about a crazy situation.  Rich asks the question as a new patient with four new crowns.  Do they try to get an appointment, check it out!

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