Did You Reach This Goal?

A short time ago we met a dentist at one of our seminars who told us privately that he just became a millionaire three days earlier. After congratulating him, we asked him how he did it. He said the answer was that he set a goal. He wrote down on a piece of paper that he would become a millionaire by a certain date. And then he made it a point to read it every single day without fail. He told us the rest was easy. It just happened.

Now many of you reading this may think this is not such a big deal. After all, many dentists are millionaires. Some are multimillionaires. So why are we making such a big deal about a lousy millionaire?

Because this particular dentist was…

only 28 years old!

His goal now is to have $5 million by age 38. Not too shabby! We’re going to follow him and will keep you all informed as to his progress.

Both of us have been strong believers in goals for at least 25 years! They truly work. We have found when you come up with a definitive goal, write it down and read it every day, your brain actually takes over and finds a way to make it happen!

What about you? Do you have goals?

Don’t know where to start? Here is one: “Beginning today I will see two new patients on the schedule in my practice every day, no exceptions.” Please feel free to adjust the number per your practice. Just to let you know, two new patients a day multiplied by 20 work days per month yields 40 new patients per month.

Write this down, share it with your team and let them know that it will be unacceptable not to reach this goal every day. They MUST make this happen. Then see what happens. It will work.

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