You’re about to get grilled…..

You’re about to get grilled…..

(What will YOU do in your dental practice TODAY that will get your patients talking?)


This really story does apply to your dental practice, so please keep reading!

My wife and I live in a condo in downtown Baltimore, and we love it. Water views, walk to dining and entertainment, gym in the building, and Amazon packages delivered right to our pantry – what’s not to like? Well, one thing not to like is that due to city codes we are not allowed to have a grill on our balcony. Bummer – because we love to cook!

At the start of the pandemic when it looked like we wouldn’t be able to go out to dinner for a while, we purchased an “indoor electric smokeless grill.” I wasn’t really expecting much, but this thing was (and still is) fantastic! We cook steaks, burgers, salmon, swordfish, seared tuna, kabobs, squash, corn – you name it and it’s probably been made on our indoor grill. And everything is tasty and healthy(ish)….

So what does this have to do with your dental office? Hang on…

Due to so much constant use (and probably mistreatment by me) the nonstick surface of the grill grate became damaged and it made the grill difficult to use. I went to the company’s website and could not find a replacement grate. So….I sent an email to the company, hoping for the best but not thinking much would happen.

The next day I got an email back from a Mr. Jason Li, informing me that they do not sell the grate separately, and they don’t even stock them. But…..as a favor he would go over to the production department to see if they had an extra one.

A few days later Mr. Li sent me an email saying that he was able to locate a grate and would send it to me at no charge, not even postage! Wow – that’s some good customer service. I was curious who this super kind guy was, so I looked him up on the company website, and guess what? He is the founder and CEO of the company!! So I have my new grate, and am taking better care of it than I did the first one.

Last night’s grilled salmon. YUM!

If you’re looking for a fantastic and quite inexpensive indoor grill, I highly recommend this one! It’s called the Tenergy Redi-Grill. You’ll love it! Here’s the Amazon link. 

Okay – so what are the two great lessons here for your dental practice?

1. Your practice culture starts from the top – the owner dentist! The CEO of Tenergy demonstrated what outstanding service looks like, and you better believe his employees learn from that.

2. When you provide outstanding service, people talk! They replaced my grate because it was the right thing to do. Mr. Li had no idea that I’d be recommending his grill to our email list of tens of thousands of people. But here I am doing it!

So now the question is…. What will YOU do in your dental practice TODAY that will get your patients talking?

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