Dirty Towels Can Help Your Practice…

Most of us have been in hotel rooms where there is a little card in the bathroom asking us to reuse our dirty towels for “environmental reasons.” 

They go on to inform you of the millions of gallons of water wasted each day on laundry as well as those nasty detergents that are leaching into our oceans. 

And then we reuse the towels, and everyone feels good. 

But let’s face it – do those huge hotels really care about the environment or are they just trying to save money? It really doesn’t matter – in this case everybody wins. 

Recently social psychologists were hired to see if they could word the bathroom card differently to get even more guests to reuse their towels. After all, you can’t have too much of a good thing! 

By using a theory called “Social Proof” the psychologists increased towel reuse by 26 percent – just by adding a single phrase to the placard! 

All they did was inform the hotel guests that the majority of other guests in the hotel recycle their towels. By just adding a few words, they saw huge results!! 

People love Social Proof because it validates their choices. Think about why McDonald’s sign screams “Billions and Billions Served!!” 

So how can we use Social Proof in our practices? There are two simple ways (and probably many more). 

First of all, when presenting elective treatment, such as adult fluoride, make sure you let the patient know that “Most of our adult patients choose to get fluoride and we have seen fantastic results!”  

Boom! Social Proof scores again!!  

Secondly – use testimonials!! Whether they are video, written, quoted in an e-mail, or any way possible – make sure that your patients see how happy others are with their choice of your dental practice. 

And then maybe you can start to recycle the towels in your patient rest room!! 

Social Proof works – so use it!!

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