Do Specialists Refer Back To You?

Do Specialist Refer Back to You?

Do Specialists Refer Back To You?

If you are a general dentist, you probably have a great roster of specialists who gladly handle your referrals. But are the specialists referring back to you? Surely over the years people have asked orthodontists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, and yes – even periodontists for the name of an excellent general dentist. In this episode we hear from a listener who claims that in over twenty years of specialty referrals he has never heard back from them with a patient. So what do “The Fixers” do? Secret shop his specialists asking for the name of a “cosmetic dentist.” The results? You gotta hear them!

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Highlights from “Do Specialist Refer Back to You?”

0:11 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up with a question: Is it okay for a specialist to never refer back to you? Welcome to our Dental Practice Fixers Podcast!

1:00 – Rich is in the Madow Center warehouse today for the podcast.  Some of our webinars are now on our YouTube channel or check them out here.

1:50 – Rich mentions how to save thousands and thousands of dollars.  Check out madow.com/save  Enter code: madsep and get a FREE pinpad with fattmerchant.

3:31 – Rich tells us how it all got started today with a listener email.  Rich reads the email to explain the situation.

5:29 – Rich begins to talk about the situation between a GP and a Specialist and it has always been complex.   He explains why.

8:15 – Rich gives his advice on referrals to specialists and why.

9:40 – Rich makes the first secret shopper call.  Find out who this specialist will refer.

10:25 – Rich points out some key things learned on this secret shopper call.

11:15 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.

14:31 – Rich is so surprised that this specialists doesn’t refer to the dentist that has been sending referral for over 20 years to this specialist.

15:27 – Dr. Madow makes his third secret shopper call.

18:12 – Rich wonders why the specialist’s office asks first thing if he has dental insurance.  Rich also noticed that the person answering the call didn’t pronounce any of the dentist office names correctly.

19:38 – Rich makes his fourth secret shopper call.

20:11 – Did this specialist recommend the dentist that has been giving referral?  Check it out and see.

20:39 – Rich makes his fifth secret shopper call.

22.13 – Rich is so happy that this caller actually made a great referral.  See what Dr. Richard Madow has to say about this office.  This is just a great referral!  A++++

23:05 – Rich shared all these secret shopper calls to the dentist.  The dentist was so very upset.  Listen to the advice that Rich gives about this complex issue.

25:21 – Send in your comments or questions into info@madow.com.  Thank you for listening to The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.

26:15 – Rich talks about a free dental snapshot service for your dental practice.  Working with the Madow Center dental coaches is the best in the world.  Check it out at madow.com/snapshot

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