Do This During Your Dental Exam And Be More Profitable!

Let’s make your practice more profitable!

Last week we talked about reaching out to the new residents in your area because they are the most likely people to be looking for a new dentist.

Today we’ll talk about something you do every single day – notably the “dental exam,” and how you can actually use it to increase profitablitity! Whether it’s a short one in the hygiene room or a full blown exam in your treatment room, do you know if you just tweaked the way you did a few things, you could drastically INCREASE your income without investing a single penny in your practice?

Here is one idea for you to try next time you are doing an exam and charting…

use regular language that your patient can understand!

What do we mean by “regular language?” OK, let’s say you are examining and your trusty assistant is recording your notes. You call out “#12 DO amalgam, recurrent caries with possible periapical lesion on radiograph.” 

Well, that may be the correct language for charting but your patient hasn’t the foggiest idea what that means. Sounding like a smart doctor in this case will get you nowhere – your patient will likely not even be paying attention to you.

But suppose you called out “#12 DO with large old leaking silver filling and some decay and infection (yes doc, dental caries is an infection) in the tooth as well as in the surrounding bone. Immediate treatment is necessary to reverse the infection.”

Which way do you think would elicit a response from your patient asking something like “Doc, that sounds serious… what can we do about it?” 

Of course the second would! Can you see that just a little change in communication will get your patient actually WANTING and appointing for the treatment you provide.

Now this was a very oversimplified example. But we have tons of ways to improve the way you do an exam that will practically guarantee immediate practice growth.

Do you know there is…

  • A simple question to ask so that your patients will always be comfortable in your practice?
  • Something to do during every exam to let your patients know of treatment they need before you actually tell them?
  • A “no-brainer” way to double your hygiene production?
  • A crucial way to begin every exam so your patient knows you are the best dentist they have ever seen?
  • A way to “frame” the medical history update to set you apart from all other dentists in your area?
  • Something to say out loud to your assistant during the exam so your patients will never say “it’s just a check-up” again?

Doesn’t it make sense to fine tune what you are already doing (the oral exam), and do it at a level that is superior to any other dentist out there?

We certainly think so.

Onward.  For 50 minutes this evening (beginning at 9PM Eastern) we will be getting together for one of our private Powerhouse teleconferences. We do them once a month. Tonight is the night that we will be talking about the secrets to doing a “healthier” and more profitable exam. Think this is going to be rehashed old stuff? Well, if you think so, please clear your mind and think again. It’s going to be great information so bring your pen and paper!

Want to start making more money beginning first thing tomorrow morning? We will give you specific ways on this call this evening.  We have a spot reserved for you. And bring your key team member(s) if you like!  Call 1-888-88-MADOW right now and we’ll explain how you can access the call!

BONUS!!! BONUS!!! BONUS!!! Mention the words “PROFITABLE EXAM” when you call and we’ll also give you the link to our latest Powerhouse video “The Oral Exam – Supercharge It!”  This video is only about 30 minutes long but it just may change the way you practice forever! You can be watching it right now!

Want in on tonite’s call (and the link to the video)? Call 1-888-88-MADOW now and we can get you going!

What will you be doing this evening? We hope you’ll be spending 50 great “practice building” minutes of it with us!

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