Do You Know What A “Humblebrag” Is?


Do you know what a “humblebrag” is? Coined by the late comedian Harris Wittels, a “humblebrag” is a specific type of personal brag masked in false humility.

“I’m such an idiot – tripping on the steps as I went to accept my third Oscar” would be an example.

Or  “Wow – I had no idea that the highest tax bracket would have me paying this much. What a ripoff!”

“Another damn speeding ticket? I swear, the cops must target Porsches.” Wow – this is fun. Let’s do a couple more.

“I can’t stand people asking me all the time how I look so young. It’s just downright awkward to reply.”

How about a post like this on Facebook? “I’m so bad at doing online research. Can anyone recommend a good hotel in Bali?”

Humblebragging. It’s obnoxious and hilarious all at the same time! Would you like to be a part-time humblebragger? If you become a Madow Success coaching client, you may be saying things like this soon:

“Dealing with all of these new patients has become a real pain in the butt. Since The Madow Center helped us develop our reactivation protocols, we don’t even need new patients!”

“We had to add another new hygienist and her schedule is already full. Do you know how expensive a new treatment room is? Sucks!”

“I must have been a horrible treatment plan presenter. After the last meeting with my coach everyone is saying yes to their treatment. It’s embarrassing!”

“Not sure where to put this extra money. I’ve funded my retirement plan for this year, and have cash left over. It’s stressful!”

So how about you? Wanna be doing a little humblebragging yourself in a few months? Let’s have a confidential chat about YOUR practice! No cost, no obligation, no pressure. Just you ‘n me.

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