Do You Love Dentistry?

Do you “Love Dentistry?” We surely hope so. But even if you don’t…

we have something in the works that is so incredible, you will not believe it.
We have been in “stealth mode” working on it for several months and are putting the finishing touches on it as we speak. February 1 is the target release date.

Hint: This will make your practice explode in 2012! You are going to want this! But we can’t tell you any more about it right now… sorry!

If you call 1-888-88-MADOW, we can put you on a priority list of offices who will hear about this FIRST!!! There is no charge for the call and there is absolutely no obligation. Or simply respond to this email and tell us you want to be on our priority list. Make sure you give us your name (because it’s not always evident on the email) as well as your best phone number!

So are you ready to “Love Dentistry?” We hope you are! Stay tuned for more information.

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