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Do You Take My (Crappy) Insurance?

crappy insurance

Do You Take My Crappy Insurance

One of the toughest telephone calls to handle is from a potential new patient who is “in network” or crappy insurance company that you don’t participate with. On this episode of The Fixers we give some advice on handling this situation properly. Then the fun begins with some Mystery Shopper Calls asking the same question. Did anyone handle it well? You gotta listen to find out, and to hear the “Magic Phrase” to use when you are asked this question!

Highlights from “Do You Take My (Crappy) Insurance?”

0:11 – Dr. Rich Madow opens up The Dental Practice Podcast by asking listeners on how to answer those difficult questions like if you don’t take their insurance plan.

0:50 – The easiest way to save money with your credit card processing fees is to switch to STAX by Fatt Merchant.  Check it out at

2:09 – Rich now talks about how to handle this potential call about taking their insurance.  He explains how to answer this caller and say the right things to win them into your dental office.  He has heard about other dental offices or dental coaches deceiving their new patients.  Why do that?

3:50 – Do you want to start off your relationship with a new patient by not telling the truth?  Have you tried this method?  Rich shares his thoughts on this.

5:36 – Talk about your benefits in your office and sell your practice to them.  Help this potential new patient know why they should book their dental appointment.

6:39 – Rich shares the mystery shopper’s calls with the listeners.  Before he starts he talks about doing a FREE data analysis of your dental practice.  Find out your strengths and weaknesses.  What do you have to lose? Go to

7:45 – Rich asks the dental practice office about his insurance and if they take it.  She how these dental front office staff response.

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