Do You Take My Lousy Insurance?

Do You Take My Lousy Insurance?

One of the most difficult questions we get is “Do you take my dental insurance?” from a patient who has a plan we are not in network with. In this episode, The Dental Practice Fixers reveal the perfect answer to that question!

Then we make some “Secret Shopper” calls asking the same thing. Is it possible for someone to mess it up when they actually ARE in network? Let’s find out! Plus, you’ll get to hear some offices offer up some really bad choices!

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Highlights from “Do You Take My Lousy Insurance?”

0:16 – Rich opens up the podcast by saying this question we get all the time.

0:30 – It is not always easy with insurance questions whether in or out of network.

1:10 – Rich reminds dental practices that if they are not using FattMerchant for your credit card processing then you are throwing away money. Check out madow.com/save

2:00 – Rich wants to know if you saw the recent webinar:  Ten Simple Ways to Create An Incredibly Memorable Patient Experience In Your Dental Office!  Check it out here: https://youtu.be/TAkZSjWZ9Qw

3:41 – Rich shares one thing from that webinar that is helping dentists run their practice.

5:15 – Check out the Madow Center youtube channel where everything is free: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_JSSNdjAP8XKnaVRs5Kgfw/

5:40 – A listener question comes into the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.  Rich reads the questions.

6:40 – Rich gives his advice on this touch question about their lousy insurance.

8:53 – Rich has a phrase “Unrestricted Provider”  Find out what this means.

10:45 – Don’t forget to collect their name and address to stay in touch.

11:40 – Don’t throw your money away.  Recycle your dental scrap.  Check out this to recycle your scrap. >>> madow.com/gold

12:47 – Rich makes his first call.

13:17 – A quick 18 seconds for that caller. Rich gives his advice on this.

14:45 – Rich makes the second call.  Asks the caller about his lousy insurance.

15:51 – Rich tells us about what was wrong.  No attempt to book the appointment. Why would you give a caller two choices, with one to call back?

17:55 – Rich makes his third attempt with a caller, same question about his lousy insurance.

19:00 – Rich tells us about this caller.  The caller explained what in network insurance means to Rich but that was not necessary. Rich tells us what should have been said to get that new patient in and happy.

20:17 – Rich makes a fourth call.  This one is for someone that doesn’t take his dental insurance plan.  Find out what the caller does.

22:09 – Rich tells us what went wrong.  Two choices and ask if the Rich wanted to shop around.  The caller told Rich that she didn’t blame him for not scheduling the appointment.

23:34 – Rich gives this caller an “F” – Thanks for listening to our Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.  If you have any questions please email us at info@madow.com.

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