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The Doctor Gets Paid by the Day – Is it Fair to Ask Her to do THIS During Downtime?

By April 26, 2019September 13th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes
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We pay our doctor very well by the day and not by production. So since she is getting paid, is it OK to ask her to do other tasks when she has openings? For example, should the doctor get on the phone to call patients? What may we ask her to do and what should we stay away from? Listen to how Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow answer this one. Then of course we do the call of the week. We call a dental office that is offering a “free dinner” on their website as a marketing technique for getting new patients. Easy, right? Well, not necessarily. Let’s listen in to see how this one was handled! If you have a question that you would like answered on our podcast, please send it in to We will do our best to get yours answered!



The Doctor Gets Paid by the Day – Is it Fair to Ask Her to do THIS During Downtime?



Female Speaker 1: The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast is brought to you by The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success. To find out how we can help increase the success of your practice, checkout or call us at 1-800-258-0060.
Dr. Dave Madow: An associate dentist is guaranteed a certain amount of money per day, whether he or she is busy or not. It can leave us some calls which we’re going to talk about right now. This is The Dental Practice Fixers Episode 10. I am Dr. David Madow along with. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Dr. Richard Madow, great to be here, everyone. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah, it’s great to be back. We really appreciate you and we are the fixers as we say. Let’s get right in to a great question we received and we’re going to go and answer this as best as we can as we always do on these episodes.  
Dr. Rich Madow: This question actually turns out to be multifaceted and even though it’s maybe single-faceted when you hear it. I’ve got it on my phone here. So okay, well, here’s the question and that is, hey guys, we recently hired an associate with a guarantee of $600 per day. But sometimes the schedule falls apart. Question, what can we have the associate dentist do to help out the office? Do you think it is weird to ask her to make phone calls and book her patients since our front office is short-staffed? So, that’s a great question as it is and then it also leads to other questions like should you be paying a guarantee per day to an associate dentist? So, let’s talk about all these issues. What do you think? Where do you want to start?
Dr. Dave Madow: Maybe we should start with why that arrangement in the first place? I think that arrangement in itself can lead to a lot of problems but she sounds like it’s leading to problems already. I mean, so this dentist signed an agreement and he or she is- 
Dr. Rich Madow: She. 
Dr. Dave Madow: She, okay, it’s a she, she’s making [crosstalk] $600 per day. Whether she’s busy or not, she’s guaranteed that amount of money. I mean, why would you want to have an agreement like that? Why wouldn’t you want to have the dentist responsible for his or her production and working hard and knowing the more you, the more you work, the more cases you do, the more you’re going to make. You know, you’re investing in the craft. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Well, I’ll tell you exactly what. I think remember back to our day, I don’t [inaudible 02:22] also [crosstalk]. 
Dr. Dave Madow: A long time ago. 
Dr. Rich Madow: I graduated dental school 84, you graduated in 80. Then we both did our residencies. And then we both… we were looking for associateships before we had our own practices. It was a different time, I think we didn’t have huge student debt, we didn’t have corporate dentistry. In these days, just think of a student graduating, they’ve got a lot of debt and they’re being made an offer by a corporate dental practice. Well, that’s, you know, those practices are all guaranteeing a per day guarantee. So I think all corporate practices are doing [crosstalk]. 
Dr. Dave Madow: I can’t speak for every [crosstalk] it’s very typical. You make x per day [crosstalk]. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Bonuses and chances to earn more but yeah essentially someone will know, well, if I take this job at a crappy corporate dental office, at least now I’ll be able to chip away my loan. If I’d take this job at this other practice where they’re saying, yeah, I got 30, 32, 33%. What if I have a shitty day? I won’t be able to chip away my loan on that day. So, I think we can understand the temptation here where it might be tough to hire someone without a guarantee. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Well, that’s a good question. So okay, if that’s the way that they have to do it, I mean, I don’t agree with it. It’s good but I mean, these are corporate people owning this dental practice. They must know what they’re doing, right? I just can’t [crosstalk] 
Dr. Rich Madow: I don’t like it either. I don’t like it either. I think an associate dentist is different than another team member. It’s different than, you know, someone else and they should be paid on what they collect. It’s the only thing, you know, when you’re an owner dentist, you don’t get paid if the money doesn’t come in. You’re a dentist, you’re in the major leagues now. You get paid on what you… and if you don’t like that arrangement, get a job with, you know, a government agency or a super corporate practice, whatever. You want to be in private practice. There’s a little bit of a chance you got to take. 
Dr. Dave Madow: You know, here’s the way I look at that. I own a dental practice, this is like, you know, if I  own a dental practice right now and I’m hiring somebody, it’s not my problem that you’ve got massive student loan debt. It’s not my problem. I hire you as a dentist, the way we do it here is you get a percentage of the work you do and that’s how you get paid. So okay, but let’s do- 
Dr. Rich Madow: I agree but for some reason [crosstalk] this practice is on a situation with $600 a day guarantee, they work five days, that’s $3,000 a week, that’s a $150,000 a year, guaranteed.
Dr. Dave Madow: $150,000 guaranteed. 
Dr. Rich Madow: It’s a hell of a guarantee for a young dentist.  
Dr. Dave Madow: So I guess we got to answer the question then. So if that dentist has holes in her schedule, I think anything is fair. They can tell her to do anything they want her to do. They can tell her to get on the phone, answer the calls. I mean, I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s right that she gets on the phone and it sounds kind of weird to have like the dentist calling, it’s like vague but again, this is the model that I don’t believe in the first place. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Get her on the phone doing what? What are they doing?
Dr. Dave Madow: They ask if she should be calling patients. Let’s just say going through the “million dollar file cabinet.” People that haven’t been in and people that are overdue to schedule, they haven’t scheduled. For some reason, they got, you know, dropped and they needed to be called. The same thing that the office manager, scheduling manager would be doing. It’s very weird but again it goes back to this whole model, this whole model of the corporate dentist thing is weird as shit. So they’re breaking all the rules. 
Dr. Rich Madow: That’s the reality.  
Dr. Dave Madow: They’re breaking the rules anyway so yeah, it’s the reality. So the dentist might have to go ahead and do some stuff that she… that’s not clinical. 
Dr. Rich Madow: I’ll tell you what I had this dentist do. With our question, I’d say let’s just call her, what’s her name going to be? 
Dr. Dave Madow: Mary Jane. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Mary Jane, last dance for Mary Jane. Say, Mary Jane, see that building down the street, well, that building is the blah, blah, blah corporation. They’ve got great insurance. They have a bunch of patients, I want you to go to that building, meet with the HR Director and tell them why our practice is the best in town and why their patients… setup something, a lunch, a bagel, whatever it is. Do something, some people might call it ground marketing or whatever they want to call it, do something in the community. Don’t just sit there doing nothing. That’s unacceptable. And again, even though this person is being given a guarantee, it’s up to them in a way to grow their little piece of this practice. So let’s come up with some ways to do this.  
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah, that’s one of the first things I thought of when we got the question that this person should be doing everything possible to grow her part of the practice. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Where it’s like, please call patients. Well, that has gone through the million dollar file cabinet.
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah, but the ground marketing I think is important too. [crosstalk] Yeah, I mean, she should be doing… I guess she should be doing that anyway like everybody in the community, when she goes to a restaurant, when she goes to get her dry cleaning done, handing the card, getting into a conversation, handing a card saying, “I’m Dr. Mary Jane. I’m [crosstalk] in town with this practice. I’ll take good care of, you know, [crosstalk]” 
Dr. Rich Madow: You’ll see us down the street, you’ll see the chiropractor down as well. I don’t know, we got to draw the line somewhere. You’ll see other health professionals in the area, make yourself known in the community.  
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah. I mean- 
Dr. Rich Madow: What’s wrong with that? I think that when I first opened my practice and I was the owner, I met everybody, I went to the school and I gave what? Go to the elementary school and give a lecture to the kids and bring little baggies and all this stuff.
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah. See, you were the owner and you’re incentivized because you knew that when you went to a school and gave a talk, or when you went to a business, or when you did a… you were flipping burgers at the country [crosstalk], you knew that that was going to come back and make you busier, make your practice busier, earning more money. This person is guaranteed $600 a day whether she works or not. I don’t know whether the incentive was there for her to be going crazy to be bringing in more patients. She’d probably rather have holes in the schedule. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Well, that’s the wrong person for your practice because this person is being guaranteed a certain amount of money, they should have to work. And work isn’t always… it’s not always, you know, doing a crown prep to someone who knocks the door and [inaudible 08:13]. Work is grown in the practice. 
Dr. Dave Madow: But okay, if you were guaranteed $600 a day, let’s say you’re a young associate guaranteed $600 a day, would you want your schedule full to the max or would you want some wiggle room and [crosstalk] small things? 
Dr. Rich Madow: My understanding is that the guarantee is different than the potential. So for me, I would usually work, there’s a guarantee but there’s also a percentage. So you cannot more [crosstalk].
Dr. Dave Madow: They won’t insist. [crosstalk] 
Dr. Rich Madow: I’ve never like this some sort if that’s the case. 
Dr. Dave Madow: If that’s the case, if that’s the case, then I’d be out of my… I’d be out doing everything I could to grow the practice. 
Dr. Rich Madow: [Crosstalk] Sitting the back office, they firm up their butts, they don’t know what. That’s just doesn’t work.
Dr. Dave Madow: But there’s something else in the question, I can’t remember the question something else other than should we have her call… I thought there were something else. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Is it weird to ask her to make phone calls and book her patients? 
Dr. Dave Madow: Okay. 
Dr. Rich Madow: No. And I think everything we’ve been talking about, a reason is not to do the guarantee but again I think it’s the reality in today’s world. People… this is just the way it is. These young dentists are getting guarantees.
Dr. Dave Madow: I mean, you can argue that anything that’s done to make the practice better is going to bring in more patients, make her most successful. You would agree with that part, right? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Absolutely. 
Dr. Dave Madow: So let’s say that the bathroom is a mess, should she be in there cleaning the bathroom now to make the practice better? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Well, I’ll go back to this. I did it when I owned my practice. If I walked in there and the place was a mess, I mean, I’m not coming in there like a full cleaning crew but I would straighten up there and I will do whatever it’s up just like you would. A dentist does whatever it takes to make their practice better. Many times it means delegating, many times it means doing things for yourself. But this person accepted the guarantee and to me as crude as it may sound, it means that they do whatever the hell the owner dentist tells them to do whether they like it or not.
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah and that comes back I guess if it was the right person, the right person and she’s not lazy and she wants to really grow and build that I guess anything is fair game. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Anything goes. 
Dr. Dave Madow: You know, I guess I keep my mindset id still like, hey, you know, you were a dentist, you work on production or collections or whatever it might be. Well, okay, I’ll tell you, well, you remember in the day when I finished my residency and I had associateship in a practice, it was kind of like the original, kind of like the original corporate dental place, it was growing. They had this like business guys coming in once a week and talk to the doctor and tell him what to do basically. So it’s kind of like yeah kind of the original. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Kind of the early days [crosstalk]
Dr. Dave Madow: Right. So I had a guarantee, I wouldn’t tell you what the guarantee was. It was so long ago, it was so low but I also could earn a lot more the more patients I saw. But I don’t remember if I was at… they wouldn’t let me get close to the phone like you call the patients. They wouldn’t let me do that. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Okay, this person let’s say they have a 2-hour hole in their schedule, what’s wrong with them getting on the phone doing confirmation calls? What’s wrong with it? What’s wrong with their patients? Jim, this is, this is Dr. Mary Jane, we’re looking forward to seeing you at your appointment. Do you have any questions for us? That actually can go a long way. I think it’s bright. I don’t see anything wrong with it. 
Dr. Dave Madow: So our answer is basically from this question, our answer is have her do whatever it takes, not clinical, whatever it takes to build the practice. Making calls, ground marketing, whatever. 
Dr. Rich Madow: But I would focus on the doctorish kinds of things like ground marketing, meeting people in the community, go and talk to the elementary school or the senior center, the assisted living facility, whatever you call, we don’t call them [inaudible 11:41] anyway, whatever they call it, doing the doctors things. Then yes, and whatever the doctor says, they got to do because you’re being paid a guarantee. [inaudible 11:50].
Dr. Dave Madow: Okay. I think that’s our answer, right? 
Dr. Rich Madow: I’m with it, man. Let’s do the call of the day. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Sounds great. Let’s get into it. Hey Rich, so before we get to the call real quickly, I was reminded that, you know, we just did a Masterclass a short time ago at our Madow Center and it was a great day. And I just want to remind our listeners and viewers that we offer a Masterclass for dentists. It’s a great day where you come in and it’s a day of learning. But not only a day of learning, they help and show you actually how to build your… how we can help you build your practice. And we’d love to have you come to Baltimore, to The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success for our next Masterclass. Check it out at It’s for doctors only and it is; there’s no charge. You just get to our Madow Center and we take care of you and it’s a great day. We really give a tremendous amount of info in a short period of time, Masterclass. 
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Dr. Dave Madow: We want you to see there. Now, let’s do the call.
Dr. Rich Madow: Let’s do it. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Ready? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Go.
Female Speaker 2: This call maybe recorded for quality assurance.
Male Speaker: To serve you better, this call may be recorded for training and quality purposes.
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah, okay, I get it. 
Female Speaker 3: Office, how may I help you?
Dr. Rich Madow: Hi, I’ve got a question for you. I’m looking at your website and I’m interested in becoming a new patient and I see the new patient special includes dinner on you. Hello. 
Female Speaker 3: Let me take a look to it. 
Dr. Rich Madow: It says, new patients special, 20% off plus dinner on us.
Female Speaker 3: Okay, let me double check. Okay. I think that’s our new special. Let me pull it up. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Sure. 
Female Speaker 3: Do you mind if I place you on a brief hold to pull it up, okay? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Please. Now, that is horrible hold music. This is like computer-generated. I wouldn’t even call it music.
Female Speaker 3: Oh yes sir. So it is [inaudible 15:16] we’ll give you a gift certificate to PizzaRev. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Where is it to? 
Female Speaker 3: It’s PizzaRev. 
Dr. Rich Madow: PizzaRev.
Female Speaker 3: It’s a pizza place. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Yeah, I don’t really care for pizza. Can I eat somewhere else? 
Female Speaker 3: No sir, that’s all that we have. 
Dr. Rich Madow: A gift certificate to PizzaRev. Now, you don’t come with me, do you? That’s just for me.
Female Speaker 3: Yes, sir. 
Dr. Rich Madow: You do come with us? 
Female Speaker 3: No sir. Just no sir, we just give you the gift certificate.  
Dr. Rich Madow: Wow. What do I have to do to get that? Just come in as a patient?
Female Speaker 3: Yes, sir. We will get you in and schedule you for an exam and x-ray and you’ll see Dr. [Noise] and we’ll go from there. Do you have any issue that we need to discuss at this time? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Not that I know of, just looking for a new dentist. 
Female Speaker 3: All right. Well, very good. We’re glad you gave us a call and that you had an opportunity to look at our website so that’s great as well. Do you have any questions about our office? 
Dr. Rich Madow: I don’t, I don’t have any questions. The free dinner really struck my curiosity so I just wanted to call to find out about that.
Female Speaker 3: Oh right. Well, very good. I’m sorry I had to place you on that brief hold, that is one of our newer advertisements so I just wanted to make sure that I gave you the correct information. 
Dr. Rich Madow: I appreciate it. 
Female Speaker 3: If you have a specific time, would you like to come in and [crosstalk] schedule? 
Dr. Rich Madow: I don’t, I’m still just doing a little research.
Female Speaker 3: Okay. Well, very good. Well, can I take your name and number then and I’ll give you a call. You said, you’re just given… just doing a little research. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Sure. It’s Jim Hinkley. 
Female Speaker 3: Okay. 
Dr. Rich Madow: And it’s 801-242-7727
Female Speaker 3: 777, wait? 
Dr. Rich Madow: 7727. 
Female Speaker 3: I’m sorry. 
Dr. Rich Madow: 7727.
Female Speaker 3: All right. And when you are starting looking for a new dentist, what exactly are you looking for in the new dentist office? 
Dr. Rich Madow: I think they should be licensed. Hey anyway, I really got to run but thank you so much for your time. Thanks. 
Female Speaker 3: All right. Well, thank you so much. Bye. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Thank you. Bye.
Dr. Dave Madow: Okay. Wow, that was incredible on many levels. 
Dr. Rich Madow: That was unique, isn’t it? 
Dr. Dave Madow: On many levels, that was a great call. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Yeah, I got to tell you, I was just, you know, as I think we both do, we do our calls, just put in the name of the town, we put in dentist, so you come up, you go to their website. And this website was really striking the second we got to it and it was a beautiful website. There’s a big ad comes up, free dinner. When you come to see us as a new patient, free dinner, free dinner, free, it was like smacking me in the face. She had no idea about it.
Dr. Dave Madow: Well, so that’s number one. If you’re going to have like an ad, a big ad on your website announcing this free dinner, this promotion, don’t you think at the very least at a morning huddle, the doctor should make everybody aware of this promotion. Everybody should know about it. 
Dr. Rich Madow: There’s always some ads you’re thinking that was on a page off over page off over page in the corner on a sidebar [crosstalk]. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Very, very obvious. So, she should have known everything about it. Put you on hold and say, “Well, I don’t know if I have that promotion.” That wasn’t really good and I wonder what some of the other promotions are. What do they say? What are some of your other promotions? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Free massage [crosstalk].
Dr. Dave Madow: So she should have known everything about it, that’s number one. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Well, okay, let’s do number 0. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Number 0? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Was it really necessary to tell the person twice that the call is being recorded? I was… seriously, I was starting to feel very creepy. I mean, when I call the place, I don’t like it when they say the call is being recorded. I know we’ve come to accepting these days, it’s very normal. But twice, I felt really creepy about it.
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah, I didn’t like it. I’ll tell you, I agree with that totally. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Awful music. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Awful music. What was it? It was horrible, right?  
Dr. Rich Madow: [Singing] It was like computer-generated. Yeah, I know fake piano music.
Dr. Dave Madow: Get yourself some good on hold messaging. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Absolutely. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Please. Okay. So we killed that one already. Okay, that’s three things there. 
Dr. Rich Madow: This may be cultural. I don’t really like the yes sir, no sir thing but again I thought this is in the South and [crosstalk] maybe it’s the way they all talk to some cultural… we’ll give you a cultural break here.
Dr. Dave Madow: I think it actually [crosstalk]. No, there’s a different reason that… yeah, I think totally acceptable and probably charming. I think that’s fine. 
Dr. Rich Madow: I thought she did a lot of things really well. Speaking of charming, she was an absolute [crosstalk]. I really felt that she cared.  
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah. 
Dr. Rich Madow: I mean, I thought that she was going to be there at PizzaRev right with me.
Dr. Dave Madow: For a second, I thought she said she comes with you. 
Dr. Rich Madow: She was kind of making a joke, I’m sorry to tell. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Right. I guess she was on the sale, right? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Yup.
Dr. Dave Madow: Now, do you think obviously they’re paying a certain of money for this coupon, for this free dinner? Do you think she should have gone out on the [inaudible 20:03], if you don’t like that, let me see if I can get you another restaurant? Would that have been… you clearly said, I don’t like pizza, would that have been beyond the call of duty if you say, let me see if I can get you somewhere else? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Well, is there a fine line between beyond the call of duty and offering incredible customer service? What if she had said, “Well, everybody seems to love PizzaRev with their pizzas but for you, I’m sure we can work something else out. What kind of food do you like?” I mean, that could be like [crosstalk] conversation. 
Dr. Dave Madow: And even like a Starbucks coupon or something, something but not, you know, it just would take elevated to a higher level for sure. 
Dr. Rich Madow: That’s a great idea and now there’s right next to PizzaRev, there’s [inaudible 20:42] and this [crosstalk]. Do you like that?
Dr. Dave Madow: I’ll take it. 
Dr. Rich Madow: That would have been incredible sales. I think maybe it bothers me, but a great suggestion. And she did say something she said, is there a specific time I would like to come in? I can’t say I like that better than offering two good times because… I mean, again, she did that really well but if you say, is there a specific time and I say, I’d like to come in at 4 PM, you don’t have 4 PM, then you have to backtrack. So even if it was a good effort, I would have preferred fantastic, we can see it’s [inaudible 21:12]. Our start time will be tomorrow at 11 AM, which works best for you? Because once they offer a time and you don’t have that time, then you’re kind of pitching all, I don’t know if pitching all through it, but if you know what I mean. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Okay so we’re on this part of the call where I think we’re both going to agree she was fantastic. First of all, I love the question she asked. It is might not be for data but it was something like, well, what is it that you’re looking for in a new dentist? 
Dr. Rich Madow: Yeah, that was interesting. Those are the variant-
Dr. Dave Madow: Great question, I mean. So she’s in the top 1% because she was asking questions. 
Dr. Rich Madow: I might be disagreeing. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Oh really? Okay let’s hear it, I want to hear it. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Is what are you looking for in a new dentist really a great question? What’s the point? People don’t know what they’re looking for. I’m calling for the free dinner. Her job is to get me off the phone and do an appointment.
Dr. Dave Madow: Right. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Do you think most people when they see it in their respondents with an offer like this really know even any thoughts what they’re looking for in a new dentist? 
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah, I think they do. I think everybody wants painless. Everybody wants let’s say affordable and somebody that’s caring. So I think if the person… if you or the person calling would have said any of those, yeah, I’m really anxious when I know there’s a dentist. I just want somebody that’s caring. That gives her ammunition to say, well, our doctor is really, really caring and gentle. I think [crosstalk], I don’t think it was bad. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Very well-taken. I think you could see I was maybe excessive like at that point just get the person in. But that might have been also after I may be clear that wasn’t right there to make an appointment. I can’t remember exactly.
Dr. Dave Madow: Maybe it was but I guess one of the reasons I’m saying this also is because she was in that top 1%, 99 point something percent of the dental practices out there would never even gone to that point. They would have said, okay, well, thanks, see you later. So at the very least, she took it to that level when she was engaging in conversation, asking questions, maybe another question but she asked a question and she did everything she could [crosstalk]. 
Dr. Rich Madow: She kept a positive conversation going. No question on that. And then, when I made it very clear I wasn’t going to appoint, at the very least, she got the contact. 
Dr. Dave Madow: She got your contact and that’s the top point 1% probably. 
Dr. Rich Madow: So I’ll tell you what, we cannot blame it on her that she didn’t know about the promotion.
Dr. Dave Madow: That’s a good point. 
Dr. Rich Madow: That’s the dentist or the marketing manager, it’s not her fault. So- 
Dr. Dave Madow: So she did everything right. 
Dr. Rich Madow: She did.
Dr. Dave Madow: That’s a really good point. That was not her fault. She shouldn’t have to come in everyday to the office, get the morning huddle and say, so doctor, are there any more promotions I need to know about? 
Dr. Rich Madow: She called it the advertisement and you really like call that much but she still, you know. 
Dr. Dave Madow: That’s fine.  
Dr. Rich Madow: So what grade are you going to give her?
Dr. Dave Madow: I’m giving her an A. I got to tell you, I’m giving that since we started this podcast when season 2, I think it’s the first A I’ve ever given. I believe. She has an A. 
Dr. Rich Madow: I’m going to give her an A also and I’d love to go share a pizza with her at PizzaRev. 
Dr. Dave Madow: That will be so nice. 
Dr. Rich Madow: I don’t think it’s ever going to happen but it will be fine. Maybe if we’re lecturing in that town, we’ll go to PizzaRev. And I will just see if there’s like a new dental patient sitting somewhere using our [inaudible 24:11]. How can you tell if there’s a new dental patient? I don’t know, they have pizza prime and-
Dr. Dave Madow: Hey, what kind of pizza [inaudible 24:20] or if they say to… they go up to the counter and say, I just got this certificate from my dentist, what can I buy then? How many pizzas can I get?  
Dr. Rich Madow: Have a pizza and a coke. The dentist is highly recommending coke. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Yeah, once slightly, oh you’re from Dr. so and so, you get one slice, yeah, one slice and a coke. 
Dr. Rich Madow: And chips and cake. Yes, sir. All right. Well hey, that is episode 10.
Dr. Dave Madow: Episode 10. 
Dr. Rich Madow: Episode 10, Season 2 of The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast. Thanks for being with us. Go give us a good rating on iTunes. We’d love it and we’d really appreciate you taking time to give us a review. Dr. Richard Madow. 
Dr. Dave Madow: Dr. David Madow, see you next time.





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