Doctor My Eyes! (Are You In Network?)

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Doctor My Eyes! (Are You In Network?)

Getting an “in network” patient to come to your practice can be really difficult if you don’t participate with their insurance, but it can be done! On this week’s episode of The Dental Practice Fixers we’ll hear a personal story from Dr. Rich, telling of his adventures as an out-of-network patient! And it’s probably not what you think! The “secret shopper calls” continue with the same theme as we ask “Can anyone get this right??” You gotta hear them!

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Highlights from Doctor My Eyes! (Are You In Network?)

0:14 – Dr. Richard Madow poses the question – Will a new patient come to your office if you are out of network for insurance?

0:33 – Rich thanks you for listening and being a subscriber to the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.

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2:37 – Rich reads the responses from last week’s podcast about refers from specialists.

5:24 – Rich tells the listeners a story about his dental practice and tells us to blow our own horn to help put new patients at ease.  It is worth it!

5:30 – Rich talks about a letter from a listener about a possible buddy system that she sees with referrals.  Rich shares his thoughts on this.

6:15 – Last letter from a listener.  Agrees with a little show and tell to other specialists in the area. Sponsor a team meeting.  Do you have a comment or question that you would like to share?  Email us at info@madow.com

8:15 – Rich tells a story about an optometrist near Madow Center. He didn’t have insurance.  Find out what Rich experienced and why.  Rich got an in network insurance that included eye care.  He tells us his experience and why he decided what to do.  Walked in and walked out.  Hear what happened.

13:54 – A year goes by and Rich is searching for a new optometrist.  He found a great optometrist and has referred two people already.

16:50 – If you are looking to bring in cash into your dental practice.  You need to be recycle your metals.  Check out madow.com/gold

18:01 – Rich makes the first secret shopper call.

18:31 – Hear what Rich has to say about this secret shopper call.  Did she try to book an appointment with a new patient?  What do you think?

19:00 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.

19:43 – Rich noticed some red flags on this secret shopper call.  She didn’t seem at all interested in getting this new patient on the schedule or happy to talk to anyone on the phone.

20:40 – Rich makes the third attempt at a secret shopper call.

22:17 – This caller asks Rich to set up an appointment! This caller didn’t ask for any contact information but she gets a B+.  Rich was very impressed with this caller.

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