Doctor, Will You Kiss Me?

Patient:  Doctor, would you please kiss me?


Doctor:  No, I will not kiss you.


Patient:  Please doctor, just a little kiss?


Doctor:  No, absolutely not. I am not going to kiss you.


Patient:  Doctor, I am begging you to kiss me one time.  Just once!


Doctor:  I want to make this VERY clear… I am NOT going to kiss you. And to be totally honest with you, I should not even be having sex with you in my dental chair right now!


OK, it’s just a joke.


But as you know, there is some truth hidden inside of most jokes.


Our lesson today is that right now you are one complaint away from a potential nightmare sexual harassment lawsuit.




And here is the reality.


Any team member can file a complaint against you at any time. It does not matter what the truth is… there is a good chance that a hungry attorney will take the case.


Then you will need to pay a LOT of money to defend yourself. Yes, even if you are totally innocent!  It could destroy your practice.


Four bits of advice for you today.


1. Make sure you have a solid employee handbook with every policy clearly outlined. A good HR professional can help you with this. All employees sign their copy!


2. Don’t say or do anything stupid. It is not 1970 any more. That assistant of yours who you think loves your sexual advances and jokes will eventually turn on you.


3. Make sure you have a good insurance policy in place that will cover you against a sexual harassment claim.  Speak to your insurance agent.


4. Read today’s message over and over until you totally get it!!!