Does Your Branding Still Reflect Your Practice?

Does your branding reflect your practice?

The New Year is often a time for out with the old and in with the new – a time for change. What about your practice brand? Does it still reflect your practice as a whole?

Times change. If your brand does not reflect who you are and what your practice represents, you may be sabotaging any marketing efforts you attempt. For example, if you don’t like to treat children why would you have a smiling dinosaur with a giant toothbrush as your brand? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the message you want to get across to potential new patients. What is your vision? Are you getting that across when you market your practice?

Big mistake.

Many dentists don’t think about their brand in all aspects of the practice. We hire a web designer to design our website, an interior designer to decorate our office, and someone completely different to print our marketing materials. Did you have any of them working around your brand or consulting with one another? Usually these things are done at different times and then you end up with inconsistencies which can be confusing to the patient. If they found you on your website and was attracted to what they saw, but the office interior gave a completely different vibe, that patient may become disappointed, disillusioned and perhaps not return for future appointments. You must have consistency.


We recommend you spend some time reflecting on how you want your practice to be perceived as a whole, then write everything down. This could be the big difference you have been envisioning but not achieving. When done correctly, marketing your brand can help bring your practice to the next level!

Consistent branding is the key to successful marketing in your dental practice. Perhaps 2012 is the time to make an overall change in your branding. Are you ready for big results? It’s time that you are the dentist in your area that everyone is talking about!

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