Does Your Office Pass The Dishwasher Test?


Does Your Office Pass The Dishwasher Test?

In this episode, Dr. Rich shares a valuable dental practice lesson he learned when his dishwasher “went up!”  This leads to the very important question – does your office pass “The Dishwasher Test?”

Then we go to a great secret shopper call, trying to schedule a patient who is having some discomfort. One thing’s for sure – this office FAILED “The Dishwasher Test!” Listen to find out what happened and how you can avoid this in your office. If you have a question for “The Fixers,” please email us at podcast@madow.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Highlights from “Does Your Office Pass The Dishwasher Test?”

0:12 – Dr. Richard Madow starts The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast with episode 91.  Rich asks his audience what does his dishwasher have to do with your dental office?

1:01 – Rich mentioned that you can watch the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast on YouTube and you can see that it is raining in Baltimore Maryland.

1:30 – Don’t overpay for credit card fees.  Switch to Stax by FattMerchant.  Low monthly fee, save money.  Check out madow.com/save – First month is $5 – such a deal.

2:22 – Dr. Madow tells the audience about his dishwasher and how it relates to your dental office.  They call to get service and they don’t open until 10 am.

5:30 – Ask for a referral from a friend.  Who do they say to go to and why?

6:00 – Here is a great question to ask.  Check it out!

6:40 – Find out our this relates to your dental practice office and a service department for fixing a dishwasher.

8:00 – Get your patients in the same day so you don’t lose them.

9:40 – Rich loves to learn customer service techniques from other businesses.

10:06 – One secret shopper call this week.  Rich calls a dental office to see if they can get his wife in as soon as possible to their dental practice as a new patient.

13:43 – This front office person talked about all the issues that the tooth could be but did she offer a time slot to get his wife in?  Rich shares some great tips to make customer service better.  This was a disaster.

16:22 – Check out madow.com for some other great blogs, suggestions, podcasts, and resources.

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