Does Your Practice Pass The Bagel Test?

We were standing in line at the local deli a few days ago and overheard a pretty amazing conversation.

“What kind of bagels do you have here?”

“We have plain, sesame, poppy seed, garlic and everything.”

“You don’t have wheat bagels?”

“No. A lot of people ask for them, but we don’t have them.”

Well duh!! If a lot of people ask for them, why don’t you have them? Surely the same people who deliver the other bagels could hook you up with some wheat.

How many people will go somewhere else, or at the very least not be 100% satisfied with their experience because you refuse to carry an item that your customers are telling you they want?

So how about you? Is it possible that your patients are telling you they want something that you don’t provide?

Maybe it’s Saturday hours. Or the chance to get orthodontics in your practice without being referred. How about offering better financial options through Care Credit? Maybe tons of patients have asked if you take a particular insurance plan but you refuse to look into it due to a pre-conceived notion.

Whatever the case – in so many instances our patients tell us ways to improve our practices. So don’t fail the bagel test! Listen to your patients, give them what they want, and watch your practice grow!!

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