Don’t Do This In Your Practice

Last week The Madow Brothers “Love Dentistry Tour” continued with stops in New York, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. It was fantastic to meet so many enthusiastic dentists and team members!

As we were checking in at one of the stops, the hotel manager pulled us aside.

“Thanks for visiting our hotel! I see that you guys are frequent travelers, so I’m going to give you a special treat!”

He then went on to describe their newly renovated rooms, and they sounded amazing! By the time we put our key cards in their respective slots, we were both expecting nothing short of the penthouse at The Four Seasons.

The rooms turned out to newly renovated, clean, fresh and pretty darn nice. But in no way did they live up to the expectations the hotel manager created.

So then what happened? We started picking them apart.

For brand new rooms, they sure could have had a few more electrical outlets. The TV was at a weird angle. The hot water took a few minutes to really get hot. The big empty space could have used a sofa and chairs. And so on…..

So while the rooms were actually very nice, the expectations were so great they couldn’t have possibly measured up. In fact, we would have been much happier if the manager hadn’t said anything at all!!

The lesson? If you’re going to sell the sizzle, you better come through with the steak!

Something we discussed a few months ago was to never use the term “permanent crown.” Nothing can possibly live up to the expectation created by a phrase like that.

Always remember that anything anyone on the team says to a patient, even a comment which is nothing more than an aside, becomes a promise which creates an expectation, and you are obligated to fulfill it., If not, you’ve got a disappointed patient.

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