Don’t Forget To Re-”Member” This!

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Don’t Forget to Re-“Member” This!

In-office membership plans are a hot topic these days, but are they for you? In today’s episode, we will learn a lesson from a great comedian to help you determine exactly that!

Then, sticking with that theme, we do some secret shopper calls that should practically be guaranteed an appointment! We scanned the internet for practices that have in-office membership plans and gave them a call. “I need a ton of work and don’t have insurance – what can you do?” Do you think they offered up the membership plan? Do you think they offered an appointment? Listen to find out!

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Highlights from “Don’t Forget to Re-“Member” This!”

0:11 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up the Dental Practice Fixers podcast by asking listeners if they have thought about having an in-house membership plan in their dental office.  This will be discussed on today’s podcast.

1:35 – If you have not switched to FattMerchant as your credit card processor then you are losing money!  Get the low monthly fee.  Save money and check out madow.com/save

2:42 – Rich defines what a dental membership plan is and why it is so beneficial for any dental practice office.  Dental memberships are great!

4:40 – Maybe you have had this question…What about the cash-paying customers?  If they sign up for the dental membership plan will I lose out and actually get a net negative return? Find out Rich’s advice on this.

5:32 0 Rich shares a story of Bob Newhart and how it relates to dental memberships.

10:50 – After you get a dental membership – is that it?  Find out what Rich has to say about this.

12:09 – The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success offers a dental membership in a box for a one-time payment.  This dental membership in a box comes with everything you need to get started on your own in-house dental membership plan.  Check it out >>> https://www.madow.com/membership-in-a-box/

13:15 – Rich makes his first secret shopper call and asks about any type of membership offered at their office.

16:05 – Rich discusses this secret shopper caller.  Did he answer Rich’s question about dental membership and explain it correctly?  Tune in to hear.

17:26 – Dr. Madow makes the second secret shopper call.

20:43 – Rich was given a lot of information about options, but did she explain everything correctly?  Did she ask Rich for a time to come in? Did she call her in-house dental “INSURANCE“?  Learn why this can be so dangerous!

22:50 – Rich makes the last call for this episode on the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.

25:45 – Rich discusses this caller.  Rich asked if he could use Care Credit and the in-house dental membership.  Find out what she said.  Does your dental practice do this?  Also, find out if she asked for a time to come in for an appointment.

27:15 – Thanks for joining us this week!  Any questions please email us at info@madow.com

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