Don’t You Love It When…..

Don’t you love it when somebody points to their tooth # 8 and says “Just to let you know – this one’s a crown!”

Meanwhile, the thing looks like a piece of siding from an old barn, misshapen, five shades darker (or lighter) than the rest of their teeth, and protruding by at least five millimeters!

To us it is screaming “This is a horrible crown” – but to the patient they feel the need to warn us lest we can’t pick it up for ourselves.

There is no question about it – to many patients a crown is a crown is a crown. They can’t tell if has poor margins, fits like boots on a rooster, and is the fugliest thing this side of The Mississippi. So in a way, a crown, at least the way the public perceives it, is a commodity.

What is NOT a commodity is the experience a patient receives in your practice.

Was the experience of scheduling their appointment pleasant, or did they feel like a number?

Did you make them rot in the waiting room for twenty minutes?

Was their visit pain-free?

Did they leave the practice feeling like they had just encountered the most amazing and caring team and doctor ever?

Are you staying in touch with them between visits?

These are the kind of things patients judge, evaluate, and talk about.

If you think that the dentist down the street is more successful (even though there is no way they are as clinically gifted as you), they are probably giving their patients a memorable experience.

We all know that a crown is NOT a commodity. But most patients don’t and never will. The good news is, if you do everything else right, the dentistry will no longer be commoditized. (Is that even a word?)

Speaking of commodities, you may feel that your impression material, composites, cotton rolls, gloves, etc. are commodities. And let’s face it – whether you purchase them from Darby, Schein, Patterson, Benco or anyone else, your dental supplies will be pretty similar.

That’s why we created The M Club! There needed to be a way to make it so the dental supply buying experience is NOT a commodity!

We did it by demanding the best dental supply experience possible. This means things like:

The most aggressive pricing
Incredible rewards just for purchasing supplies – things like iPads, luggage, jewelry, electronics, cameras – you name it!
The best customer service with your own personal concierge
Unannounced specials for members only
Up-front seating at Madow events
FREE membership
And more!!
If you haven’t joined yet, now is the time!! Why?

Because for a limited time, we are offering twenty percent off your first order PLUS a free bag of 250 air/water syringe tips! Why wouldn’t you do it NOW??????

The M Club is powered by Darby, so you know that you are getting the best, freshest name brand and generic supplies.

So call 1-855-THE-M-CLUB now, get 20% off your first order and a free bag of air/water syringes!! What the heck are you waiting for?

Dental supplies will no longer be a commodity when you are a member of The M Club!!

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