“Dr. Anonymous…”

dr anonymous

Dr. Anonymous

This is one of the strangest episodes in the history of The Dental Practice Fixers. A dentist asks a question about his team and then appears as “Dr. Anonymous” to discuss it. Just how far can a dentist go to foster a positive relationship with their staff? Let’s find out!

Then, we do some secret shopper calls posing as a new patient who has some questions about x-rays. Do you think they offered an appointment? Do you think they did ANYTHING right? Listen to find out!

If you have a question for “The Fixers,” please email us at podcast@madow.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Highlights from “Dr. Anonymous…”

0:10 – Dr. Richard Madow welcomes everyone to this unique Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.  A special question called Dr. Anonymous will be joining.

0:33 – If you haven’t switched to FattMerchant to handle your credit card transactions, then you should call now.  Get a $25 gift card from Amazon for reaching out and completing the initial evaluation.  Check out madow.com/gift

2:24 – Dr. Madow introduces Dr. Anonymous (in the witness protection program).

3:24 – Rich asks the listener question that Dr. Anonymous sent in to give a little background on the situation.

4:58 – Dr. Anonymous explains the situation in more detail and some things that he has noticed from running his dental practice.

7:09 – Dr. Madow asks the question to Dr. Anonymous about some issues that might arise from being too friendly with the staff.

7:21 – The dentist explains some things that their staff during lunch break.  It is hard to be a boss and make sure that you stay in this position at all times and not become a best friend to employees.

10:01 – Rich shares his experiences from running his own dental practice and how the struggle of being a boss is hard.

14:00 – Dr. Madow nows answer the issue with the wife of a dentist and issues that may be presented from lunch with staff.  Check it out from each dentist’s perspective.

26:12 – Dr. Madow does some secret shopper calls for the listeners.

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