Dr. Don Roberts Finally Satisfies His Wife!

Dr. Donnie Roberts had a typical successful dental practice. His wife Melissa worked the front desk and did the books. One day after grueling over the bills, Melissa said to her husband,

“Donnie – it seems like you are spending a ton of money on your dental lab!”

Dr. Roberts knew that this was not necessarily a bad thing, and told her, “Melissa – that’s great! A big lab bill means that we are doing lots of crowns and onlays and all kinds of big cases. Look how much the practice has grown!”

“Yeah – I guess that’s true,” Melissa said. “But it seems like I am always appointing people for new impressions and second crown inserts. Plus it seems like you are running behind more than usual because of all of those adjustments you have to do on your crowns.”

“Yeah, you are probably right,” Don replied. “But I have been using Phelge Dental Arts for quite a while and they always treat me so well. I’m just not sure I feel like changing labs. At least I know what I’m getting with them.”

Melissa thought for a second. “Remember that postcard you got from The Madow Brothers about three free crowns? They said that Maverick Lab does beautiful work that just drops right in with very little adjusting and their pricing is great! They also said that they are so confident you will love Maverick Lab they are willing to give you three free crowns just to try them out!”

“Well – I’m still not sure,” said Donnie, always the skeptic.

“Look,” said Melissa. “You loved that Madow Brothers seminar and said that they gave all kinds of good advice. Why wouldn’t you try the three free crowns? You’ve got nothing to lose! Just give it a try and I’ll be satisfied. If you don’t like Maverick, then go back to Phelge Dental Arts. Or use both! Just do me a favor and give them a try.”

So Dr. Donnie Roberts finally gave Maverick a try and satisfied his wife. With the offer of three free crowns, what did he have to lose?

The great news is, with Maverick’s great quality, fantastic pricing and top-notch customer service, he is still a Maverick customer to this day! The crowns are dropping right in, the customer service top notch and the pricing is extremely competitive.

So how about you? Are you ready to end your frustration and try three free crowns from a fantastic lab? If so, please visit www.threefreecrowns.com right now, or call 1-866-318-6624 to get started. You’ll finally be satisfied too!

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