Eight Things You as a Dentist Need to Know Now About Social Media!

Are you keeping up with what is going on in dental marketing these days? You’re not sure? Well, here’s a statistic that may frighten you. Last month alone 5.4 million people used Google to find a new dentist. That’s right – well over FIVE MILLION PEOPLE ignored all the Yellow Pages ads, direct mail coupons, patient referral programs and everything else you may be doing  – choosing instead to electronically locate a dentist! And well over a million patients stayed in touch with their current dentist, generating millions of dollars worth of treatment, due to what is now being referred to as “Web 2.0” or “Social Media Marketing.”

There is an incredible new way to let people know about your dental office! The good news is that it’s virtually free! The better news is that if you take advantage of this technology now, you will be able to very quickly establish yourself as THE EXPERT DENTIST in your area and basically blow your competition out of the water!  Web 2.0 has the potential to bring more income into your practice than anything you have ever done in the past!



Our special guest on this free training seminar is internationally recognized Social Media and Branding expert Lethia Owens. Lethia has taught dentists all over the United States how to use Social Media to expand their patient base, generate more referrals and get current patients to accept more treatment. No one knows more about social media marketing for dentists than Lethia. That is a guarantee!

And the best thing about Social Media Marketing?

It is free! That’s right – it will not cost you one thin dime!

Here are just a few examples of what you will learn on this free teleseminar:

  • How to maximize the FREE power of social media sites to find new patients and get them to accept your treatment!
  • How to increase revenues by clearly defining your “Brand” and get it noticed in this era of electronic overload!
  • How to produce a dental video online in 90 seconds with this simple device and watch your visibility TRIPLE!

  • How different components of social media such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter and more will all work together to drive your practice to the top!

  • How to establish yourself as the dental expert in your community and generate tons of traffic to your website!

  • How to create an online marketing system that takes minimum time and maximizes your efforts.

  • How to locally dominate the online dental marketplace!

  • Why you don’t just increase your visibility – increase your credibility too!!

  • And much much more!

Not sure if this call is for you? Well how worth it would it be to spend ZERO dollars and just one hour of your time for information that will clearly put you in front of the pack when it comes to growing your practice? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

In order to register, simply email rtrain@madow.com with the words “SOCIAL MEDIA” in the subject and we will immediately send you the private number that you will use on AUGUST 26th along with any instructions. During the call we will be answering your questions about social media marketing. This is your chance to interact with one of the country’s top experts!

Please join us – the number of lines are limited! This teleconference is perfect for the doctor or a key team member who is in charge of marketing! Please don’t miss out!


Eight Things Dentists Must Know About Social Media

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