Exactly Four Weeks from Now? WHAT???

So what are YOU doing in exactly one month? How about your team?

We just glanced over at the calendar and realized that in exactly four weeks from tomorrow, TBSE 2010 will be opening in Vegas. Now, we are not sure what you know or what you don’t know, but TBSE is absolutely 100% The Best Seminar EVER for dentists and team members.

Not only does TBSE have the top world class speakers, it is a dental event unlike any other. It is a rock concert, a party, a vacation, a learning environment, and an opportunity to have fun while making sure your practice is at the top of its game.

On Friday morning November 12, there will be an opening ceremony like you have NEVER experienced at TBSE. That is a guarantee. It is not to be missed. Oh my God, if you and your team just came for the opening and then left, you would be fulfilled. But don’t do that because we have two days filled with fun, learning and surprises at TBSE 2010.

Please go to http://www.tbse2010.com for more details. We have special pricing for you through the month of October! We want to see you there this year along with our two thousand other dentists and team members. You have only a month to get it together. Please don’t procrastinate. Because if you do, you will have to explain to your team why you missed TBSE 2010 and why you now have to take them to a second rate seminar where no one knows what’s going on.

You have a choice in dental CE with your team. Please make it the right one!

Talk to you in Vegas,

The Madows

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