Excuse me, there is a booger in your nose…

You’ve got a big ugly booger dangling from your nose. Yes, you. Yes – right now!!

You also have a large piece of spinach beautifully wedged right between #s 8 and 9.

Your shirt is half tucked in, and there is an extra virgin olive oil stain on your pants.

Is that your breath or freshly ground horse manure? And taking a walk in the 90 degree heat was a great idea, but you smell like The Portland Trailblazers locker room.

By the way, one of those smooshy white balls is resting in the corner of your eye.

Oh yeah – another thing. There is a toilet paper train dragging from your shoe.

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. But let’s face it – we’re all human and these types of maladies can happen to any of us at any time. Unfortunately, it’s not a good image for our patients to have burned into their brains when we are trying to explain recurrent decay or make financial arrangements.

We’re both health care providers and cosmetic consultants, and as such must look the part. Let’s make a pact that if any of us see (or smell!) an esthetic, olfactory, or any other type of malady with a member of our team (doctor included) that we will tell them immediately and there will be no hard feelings.

The best response? “Thanks so much for telling me!!”

Now get back to work!

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