FAQ #27

We get asked tons of questions, some of them more frequently than others.

But being from a family of three (yes – three!!) dental brothers, one of the most frequently asked questions is:

“Are either of your parents dentists?”

Sorry to tell you, the answer is no.

Mom is a serial business owner – currently she owns a consignment clothing store and produces Mah Jong tournaments all across the country as well as writing a popular Mah Jong newsletter. (She is kind of The Madow Brothers of Mah Jong!)

Dad, who is now retired, was a shoe manufacturer for many years, which brings us to the point of today’s email.

There is an old story of a shoe salesman who sends his two sons to check the possibilities of setting up shop on a small tropical island.

The first son returns a few days later, and with a sad look says,

“Dad – it doesn’t look too good; nobody there wears shoes.”

The second brother, who is still on the island, calls his father that night, excitedly proclaiming:

“Dad – the possibilities here are unlimited – nobody owns a pair of shoes!!!!”

So which brother are you?

For example, are you the dentist who sees a demonstration of a laser by Biolase and says:

“We don’t need that  – we don’t do any of those procedures……”

….or are you the one who says:

“Wow – just think of all the fantastic, high fee, high quality procedures we can do now??”

Crown lengthening, pocket reductions, and many more in-demand procedures can be done right in your practice……if you have the attitude of the second brother!

Whether it is updating your technology, improving communications, or anything that will boost your practice, always make sure that your vision allows you to see the opportunity instead of dismissing it.

While the first road may be easier, the second one is usually better!!

By the way, if you are really interested in The Madow Brothers story, just click to see the full scoop on “The Madow Brothers – From Baltimore To Las Vegas!” You’ll also learn about our little discussed fourth brother Matt.

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