Five New Years Resolutions You Should Never Break!

New Years Day is over and that means chances are you have already begun to break some of your resolutions. It’s OK, everyone does it. That’s why the gyms are so crowded on January 2 and practically ghost towns on January 31.

There are five resolutions that you may have made this year that we absolutely don’t want you break. We will outline them below. Happy New Year.

Five New Years Resolutions You May Have Made That You Should Never Break!

I will lose weight. Easier said than done. That’s why over a third of Americans are clinically obese. Here’s a quick tip. It’s all about eating and not as much about the exercise. That does not mean we don’t believe in exercise. As you may know, we’re both big workout guys. But when it comes down to purely losing weight, you need to adjust your eating program. It just means eating less using portion controls. It really does work and this is a resolution we don’t want to see you give up on!

I’m going to spend less money than I make. Don’t break this one. It’s crucial. It comes down to being disciplined, just like resolution #1 above. If you can make it a point to spend less than you make and really start socking the extra cash away into investments, your life really will be less stressful. And that is a guarantee.

I will forgive others. Not much more we can say here except for the fact that it has been proven that those of us who forgive are much more at peace than those who do not. Try it. Let us know how it works out.I will put people before possessions and money. Never forget this one. People are more important than your material possessions and money.

I will no longer judge others because I likely don’t know the entire story. Need we say more? If you judge, you will likely be wrong because you are only seeing one side. You need to understand why people do certain things. There is usually a reason. Give others a break.

There are more. So feel free to add to this list. There are many ways we can be better people. Let’s do our best to make 2013 a really good year. Feel free to share this e-Letter with a friend. Just forward it to them. Simple!

We are VERY excited about some of the things we have coming up this year to help you in a big way. One is our mastermind group that we are forming. We have found that masterminding is one of the best ways to learn and to improve your life. We have been masterminding for years. We owe our success to this.

And now we are almost ready to open up a very small group that will be able to personally mastermind with the two of us. Yes, sitting down together with BOTH of us and TRULY masterminding about business and life. Anything goes and nothing will be off limits!

We are starting a list of people that are interested in being in our private mastermind group. It will be extremely limited as we want this to be very intimate. If you are interested, please contact us and we’ll put you on the list of interested people. There is no commitment on your end and there’s no guarantee we can take you. Right now we’re simply looking for people that are interested. Information will be coming later this month.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

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