Four Million Dollar Practice – Four Word Philosophy

Four Million Dollar Practice – Four Word Philosophy

(The secret sauce to a successful dental practice.)

Yesterday I had a great chat with a dentist who owns a $4,000,000 practice. He was a cool, laid-back guy, and was on vacation at the time! As I always do when speaking with successful people, I asked him what his secret sauce was. Without even taking a pause, he answered:
“We just say YES!”

What a great philosophy! When a patient wants something, we do our best to accommodate! It may sound simple, but think about this.

If the phone rings during normal business hours (lunch included) and it goes to voicemail, you are not saying yes.

If a potential new patient calls and you do not offer them specific appointment times, you are not saying yes.

If every adult patient does not get a thorough periodontal exam and the opportunity to receive the best treatment possible, you are not saying yes.Scheduling hours, payment plans, insurance issues – these all provide chances for you to say yes, or to say no. What are you going to do?

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